The power of SEO localisation for marketers

A worker looking at their SEO localisation progress on their laptop

In an increasingly-connected world, businesses are looking for ways to reach new markets and customer bases. The internet provides limitless possibilities for companies to expand their reach. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. One key place to start is with localisation. Robust SEO localisation ensures you […]

Lost in translation: how to engage your overseas customers through content

A file with the words 'content strategy' on the cover

When you’re marketing to customers overseas, it’s important to keep in mind that things can easily get lost in translation. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing. Content in any form is a great way to engage your overseas customers and build lasting relationships with them. However, if the content is not […]

DA Languages awarded notable contract from the South West police region

A police officer in the South West

DA Languages has been awarded a notable interpreting and translation contract from the South West police region. The contract will see DA Languages offer its services to five forces: Dorset Police, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Wiltshire Police, Avon & Somerset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police. This marks the first time a language service provider (LSP) has […]

The benefits of working with mother-tongue translators

A mother-tongue translator working on a project on her computer

Want to take your translation to the next level and boost your business’s international appeal? Working with mother-tongue translators might be the way. Mother-tongue translators translate your content into and from their native language. They can produce authentic translation and understand cultural nuances beyond the skills of a non-native speaker. Here is why it’s important […]

How does video conference interpreting work?

A man providing video conference interpreting services

Video conference interpreting bridges the language gap between participants in a video conference. It allows participants to communicate effectively with one another, making sure everyone understands what is being said. There has been a growing adoption and improvement of video conference technology and increasing globalisation of the marketplace. This means the need for remote video […]

DA Languages maintains strong growth momentum with largest ever contract win

A photo of the DA Languages office showing people sat at their desks working supporting company growth.

DA Languages, has maintained its strong growth momentum, securing its largest-ever contract win. The three-year deal with the NHS is worth more than £1m a year. This makes it one of the largest NHS language service contracts awarded in England. The contract has further strengthened DA Languages’ position in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire areas. […]

Why you should use retail software translation services

A photo of a woman using retail software at the checkout of a shop

Retail software has become vital to maintaining a successful business. Point of sale, retail supply and customer relationship management systems, for example, are all useful tools for your retail business. The latest ONS figures shows that online spending is increasing, reaching 31.8% of all sales. This is compared with 20% in February 2020. Of course, […]