Why you should use retail software translation services

Retail software has become vital to maintaining a successful business. Point of sale, retail supply and customer relationship management systems, for example, are all useful tools for your retail business.

The latest ONS figures shows that online spending is increasing, reaching 31.8% of all sales. This is compared with 20% in February 2020.

Of course, it’s not only online retailers. Independent high street and bricks-and-mortar retail set to increase in demand and growth, especially given the resurgence post-COVID.

You can go global with retail software translation

More and more businesses can easily access global markets. This means ensuring your software is optimised for international use is more important than ever! Companies which were once trading locally now strive to reach international customers. Translating your retail technology can help with that.

Optimising your products to international markets will mean you can increase sales in new regions. By translating your services you can increase ROI by making sure you are effectively targeting the right customers.

Gaining a better understanding of your audience’s buying habits will allow you to target them more efficiently. This will keep you ahead of competitors that are not taking advantage of professional translation services.

Communication is key

In retail, consistency is vital especially when communicating with customers, by accommodating your POS software to international regions you can secure customers in even the most competitive markets!

Using translation services for your website can be a fantastic way to appeal to new customers. Experienced translators can make sure your brand’s tone of voice is kept consistent in the target language. This does not only apply to the written word, with image and brand localisation you can ensure your message is consistent regardless of delivery.

This is a great way to ensure your SEO is optimised for other countries and your search engine rankings will not suffer due to a language barrier.

Translation services will make sure you are offering the best service to your new international customers. By communicating with your customers in their native language you can ensure the best after-sales care and continue to build strong relationships.

Make sure you stand out

Preventing any misuse of your retail software is very important. Professionally translated training documents and specifications will ensure all your clients in target countries will understand exactly how your products work and that they will be using them effectively.

Utilising our full suite of language services including translation and interpreting can bolster your customer service. It will allow you to provide the best service for your clients through FAQs, helplines and further software documentation.

How can DA Languages support your retail software translation?

DA Languages has over 18 years of experience providing expert multi-language translation services. With more than 12,000 linguists covering 450 languages, we know we can help with your retail software solutions.

With a proven track record of delivering return on investment, we make sure our solutions work for you. Our efforts will integrate with your systems to help further your organisation’s development strategy.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, get in touch with our experienced team today!

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