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If you are looking for an experienced language services provider within healthcare, then DA Languages has a team of Healthcare translation and interpreting experts on hand to help.
A man and a woman are sat next to each other and are engaged in coversation.
A man and a woman are sat next to each other and are engaged in coversation.

Communicate effectively

DA Languages is the UK’s leading provider of health and social care translation and interpretation services. We’re also the top language service provider for the NHS.

Our team provide expert translators and telephone interpreters to over 75 NHS Foundation Trusts across the UK. We also work closely with private healthcare providers to ensure they can effectively communicate with their non-English speaking clients and patients.

With 20+ years of experience under our belt, we understand the unique needs and language requirements that the NHS and private medical sector face. As such, we’re best placed to take on any medical translation task.

The role of translators in health and social care

We have witnessed how the private and public healthcare sectors have changed over the past two decades; we’ve adapted our services to offer the best possible support. As the multi-cultural population in the UK has grown, so has the NHS’ demand for reliable health and social care translation services.

Access to adequate healthcare is a basic human right and in the UK, all members of the population should have seamless access to public services. That’s where our medical translation and interpretation services come in.

Our services ensure patients and clients of all backgrounds can access the health and social care they need. No matter whether you’re a social worker, GP or doctor, our team can help you improve the patient experience and focus on providing a high-quality service.

Professional health and social care translation services

We offer a wide selection of health and social care translation services to suit your needs.

Interpreters are vital assets for medical appointments, social services visits, ambulance call-outs and more. That’s why we employ highly qualified, professional interpreters that can assist in person, or remotely via phone or video.

Our team has extensive experience working with the NHS, as well as with private medical care providers. As such, we can provide translators and interpreters to meet a range of needs. This includes the following…

NHS translators and interpreters

We’ve helped countless NHS trusts across the UK communicate effectively with their non-English speaking patients.

DA Languages can provide:

GP interpreters
Hospital appointment interpreters
Dentistry translations
Medical report translations
Appointment letter translations

Inaccurate or inappropriate translations can result in missed appointments, misdiagnosis, ineffective treatment and more. As a result, our medical translation services can help adhere to tight budgetary constraints, whilst keeping patients safe and healthy.

Why choose DA Languages?

Our linguists regularly provide healthcare, pharmaceutical and social care translations for NHS trusts and private medical firms around the UK.

Because of this, our team are well-equipped to translate even the most complex medical texts, as well as providing a discreet interpretation service that will help patients feel at ease when talking about sensitive issues.

Our clients can also take advantage of our secure online booking portal, and take control of their schedule. DA Link allows healthcare staff to select a linguist that is right for them and most importantly the patient.

Private healthcare translations

The DA Languages team has extensive experience in the private healthcare sector, as well as within the NHS. Our linguists are trained to deal with difficult or stressful scenarios, such as medical diagnoses. This ensures all parties involved feel at ease in the presence of our interpreters.

We can provide face-to-face interpreters for medical appointments, healthcare plan translations, contract translations and more.

Council translation services

Our team understands the stringent time and budgetary constraints that councils face. As such, we aim to provide an efficient, fuss-free service for local councils across the UK.

The DA Languages team can provide face-to-face, video and phone interpreters for welfare and social services support. We can also assist with legal document translation and court interpreting.

Translations for social housing associations

Language barriers can present a number of issues for social housing associations. In order to provide the right housing support for marginalised migrant communities in the UK, it’s essential to enlist the help of a reliable translator or interpreter. That’s where DA Languages come in.

No matter what language service you require, our team can help you effectively remove these communication and cultural barriers so you can focus on the task at hand.

CIC translations

CIC (Community Interest Companies) have to deal with many complex scenarios every day. When communication issues are factored into this, it makes it difficult for CIC workers to provide support to those that need it.

Fortunately, the DA Languages team has a wealth of experience working with CICs across the UK. This means we can provide a tailored, considered approach to suit your exact needs.

Our team can provide translations in over 450 languages from around the world. This means that no matter how niche your request, our health and social care translators and interpreters will be able to accommodate.

Healthcare translation services for many public sector frameworks

This includes:

  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS)
  • Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)
  • Health Trust Europe (HTE)
  • North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO)
  • NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE-CPC)
  • NHS Shared Business Services (SBS)

Our Healthcare + Social Translation services include

face to face interpreting icon
Face to Face interpreting
clock icon
GP appointments
hospital icon
Hospital appointments
annual reports icon
Translating medical reports
documentation icon
Appointment letters and prescription details
brochure icon
Medical leaflets and informational brochures
poster icon
Posters and notices
healthcare icon
Healthcare plans and future patient actions
Translation services on the DA Languages mobile app.

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