The impact of language barriers on patient care

A patient connecting with their doctor through their smartphone

In the realm of healthcare, effective communication stands as a cornerstone of quality patient care. However, one pervasive challenge that continues to affect this sector globally is the presence of language barriers. As we delve into this issue, it’s crucial to comprehend the multifaceted ways in which these barriers can impact both patients and healthcare […]

Case study: DA Languages and Derby Homes

Derby Homes, an arm’s-length management organisation that oversees social housing for Derby City Council, has been working with DA Languages since May 2019. It manages approximately 12,500 properties. 80% of its customers are homeless, seeking accommodation. DA Languages was chosen by Derby Homes through a procurement framework when seeking translation services to ensure that its […]

Make the most of an international social media campaign

Social media on a smartphone in front of a cityscape.

Do you want to make the most of your international social media campaign? Then it’s vital to ensure it appeals to your entire market. How do you do that? Well, there are many ways you can invest in your campaign, and a whole host of benefits come with this. Why alienate a high percentage of […]

Ramp up your retail packaging translation

Christmas is coming, meaning it’s a key time to ensure your retail packaging translation connects with consumers on a global scale. Would you buy a product with packaging that had not been correctly translated into the language of your local shop? So, don’t let anyone else think the same about your products on the shelves. […]

Go global with a powerful international social media campaign

Social media on people's smartphones

A powerful international social media campaign is a core asset to any business. And to do this effectively, it’s crucial to consider if the message is accessible to all. There are many ways you can tap into the global market with your campaigns using various translation services. Why is it important to have a powerful […]

Losing to your competitors? Tips to ensure your business stands out

Business people in a meeting room below a lit-up lightbulb

Wondering how to get your business into foreign markets? You want your business to capture the attention and imagination of customers from across the globe. To achieve this, setting yourself apart from your competitors is absolutely crucial. Whilst this concept may seem obvious, it can be tricky to implement. As a result, far too many […]

How one video has the power to connect with your entire audience

A video playback screen in front of a city at sunset

Imagine if your next video could connect and strike a chord with everyone who sees. Imagine if it could grow your business internationally, regardless of viewers’ locations, languages or communication needs. Well, that sort of reach is and should always be made possible. Video is the type of content that’s the most memorable, successful and […]

Five ways professional translation protects the reputation of your brand

A mood board of a brand strategy

Your brand has continued to build a reputation ever since its beginning. You have developed the way it is for a reason; its brand voice, tone, and how it connects with consumers. However, failing to translate materials effectively can prove to be costly and damaging. The importance of effective translation cannot be overstated. In the […]

Translation vs transcription – the key differences you should know about

A woman sat at her desk working on a transcription project

Translation and transcription services are essential in all industries around the world. It is vital that when written text needs to reach an audience that speaks a different language, it is perfectly translated to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion. This also applies to those industries where speech must be transcribed from audio or video clips. […]

How to ensure your marketing campaigns are not ‘tone deaf’

A woman working on a marketing campaign in an office setting

Developing an effective global marketing campaign is extremely important for your business. With one, you can increase brand awareness and make yourselves known to new, international customers. You must resonate with your audience by thinking internationally at the beginning of your campaign and develop from there. Provided you consider accessibility, consumer culture and targeting your […]