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DA Languages offers expert transcription services to businesses across the UK to provide quality, on-demand solutions to your customers.
A man is sat at a desk in a legal meeting.
A man is sat at a desk in a legal meeting.

Flawless transcription services

DA Languages provides expert transcription services to businesses across the UK. Our team can provide same-language solutions, as well as translations and interpretations to organisations in 8 major sectors.

Within our transcription services, we work closely with native-speaking translators and interpreters who are highly qualified, vetted and experienced. Our team also have an in-depth knowledge of the terminology used in healthcare, marketing, tourism and many more industries. This ensures we offer excellent transcription solutions for every kind of niche for every given situation.

What are transcription services?

Transcription services involve converting audio, video or speech into text. Our transcriptions services are beneficial for all types of organisations, but they are commonly used in:

Transcription translation, on the other hand, is the process of transcribing audio into its original language and then translating it into another.

Transcription services for over 450 languages

Our transcription services are essential for anyone looking to boost the value and reach of their content. We can provide high-quality transcription solutions for over 450 languages and dialects. We also work with expert translators in all major sectors, so no request is too niche for us to handle.

Whether you need to transcribe a meeting, an interview or any other audio or video recording, we have the transcription  solution you need to get the job done.

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Our transcription services

We provide a selection of transcription services to suit your individual needs. These include:

Transcription solutions by sector

Inaccurate transcriptions can result in serious financial, legal and potentially life-threatening consequences. That’s why we work hard to provide accurate solutions with subject-matter-trained transcribers who are experts in their dedicated fields.

This ensures that our services are tailored to your niche, helping you protect your brand reputation whilst avoiding complications further down the line.

Edited & verbatim transcription

Our verbatim transcription services are an excellent asset for academic researchers, police interviewers, journalists and more. However, this level of detail is not always required.

Fortunately, we provide both edited and verbatim transcription solutions to suit your individual needs. Edited transcripts are modified for readability and clarity, so all grammatical errors, unnecessary phrases and repetitions are removed.

Multilingual transcription services

Our experts can provide detailed multilingual transcription services for your business. This involves transcribing audio, video or speech directly from one language into another.

Subtitle translation

Subtitles help to improve the user experience, whilst improving SEO and accessibility. So it’s no surprise that there is a demand for subtitle translations across all of the sectors we cover.

Our expert linguists can help you to create accurate subtitles for foreign videos and films, as well as translating your existing subtitles into other languages.

Transcription translation

The DA Languages team can provide impeccable transcription translations for organisations in all industries. This involves translating transcripts into another language, or multiple languages.

This can help you to share information with international clients with ease, helping you to boost your business and speed up communication.

Discuss your Transcription Services Requirements

No matter which of the services above you need, our linguists have the skills, training and knowledge to take on any task and provide you with the ideal solutions for your business. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and will go above and beyond to ensure your exact requirements are met.

Ready to book your transcription service? Get in touch today.

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