Face to Face Interpreting

If you are looking for Face to Face Interpreting Services then DA Languages has a team of language experts on hand to help.
face to face interpreting
face to face interpreting

Invaluable services

Our face to face interpreting services prove to be invaluable in many scenarios. This includes everything from court and conference interpreting to medical and educational interpreting.

Face to face interpretations provides a greater context. In addition to the spoken word, non-verbal communication allows an interpreter to express additional support and cultural sensitivities in common with their audience. This can be particularly useful in complex situations, such as GP and court appointments.

Public and private sector interpreting services

DA Languages are one of the largest providers of face to face interpreting services in the UK. This means we’re best placed to take on any translation task. We work with thousands of interpreters who help us to cover a variety of specialist fields in the public and private sectors. This includes:

Our customers span the length and breadth of the UK allowing us to reach our clients even in the most remote areas.

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When are in-person interpreting services needed?

In some situations, face-to-face translations are seen as a preferred option to remote or video translations. Sometimes this is because the information may be complex or sensitive, or when there are children involved, translations may require further explaining.

In-person interpreting services are also useful in the following scenarios:

  • Conferences
  • BSL interpreting
  • When individuals have a secondary disability that makes it difficult to use translation technology
  • Hospital appointments
  • Court appointments

Fortunately, we can tailor our interpreting services to suit your individual needs. No matter whether you require a face to face interpreter, a remote one, or a combination of the two, our team can help.

Discuss your Face to Face Interpreting Requirements

All our interpreters are DPSI qualified or have equivalent qualifications and experience. As standard, we also ensure that DBS checks are carried out and that all interpreters adhere to our strict code of conduct.

As part of our commitment to quality, we monitor our interpreters on a regular basis and provide on-going training and professional development opportunities.

Our aim is to provide the very best translators on time and with the ability to succinctly communicate your message without confusion.

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