Legal Translation

We provide translation of legal documents in over 450 languages. Our native translators and interpreters are highly qualified within the legal sector. We can help to translate legal documents, contracts, mergers and legal reports, as well as provide native interpreters for court and other legal hearings.
legal translation services
legal translation services

Legal translation services

Our legal translation services are tailored to each legal sector and practice. We work with highly qualified translators and interpreters, who understand the legal sector.

Our translators can accommodate even the most complex legal translations. Whether you’re a law firm, solicitor, legal professional, business or private client, we can work with you to provide faultless legal document translations, including contracts, reports and other legal materials.

We work with highly qualified legal interpreters, who are native speakers. Our interpreters attend court hearings and other legal meetings.

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Native legal translation & interpretation services

While there are many languages, there are also an equal amount of legal languages to navigate. Laws and legalese vary in meaning and tone, which is why it’s so important for the translation of legal documents to be accurate. Unlike literal word-for-word translation, legal terms are defined by their context which can make translating them difficult.

Our legal translators and interpreters have a robust understanding of the legal sector and have experience translating legal documents, and providing legal interpretations in over 450 languages. We work with native translators and interpreters to ensure that legal jargon is understood and accurately translated.

Professional legal translation requires skill and experience. Any legal translator needs an understanding of the original intent and meaning of any legal documents. This ensures that the individual words are adapted into the correct languages, and it also means that the intent and context are translated correctly as well. If you’re looking to partner with an experienced translation agency that specialises in the translation and interpretation of legal documents, get in touch today to receive your free quote.

Our legal translation services cover

  • Translation of legal documents including contracts and agreements
  • Translation of legal mergers and acquisitions
  • Court interpretations conducted by a native-speaking interpreter
  • Translation of annual legal reports and content created for legal purposes
  • Translation of legal marketing materials and websites

Why choose DA Languages?

Legal translations from an ATC accredited member

We have a wealth of experience working with legal firms of all sizes, as well as solicitors and legal professionals. DA Languages are an accredited member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), which ensures that the highest standards of legal interpretations and translations are upheld when you work with us. The documents that we translate for are legally compliant and can be upheld in a court of law.

We can help to translate and interpret legal cases dealing with non-English speaking clients, as well as support legal cases that involve overseas clients. Our legal interpretation and translation services allow you to communicate effectively with your clients and all parties involved.

With DA Languages any language barriers are efficiently and skilfully taken away, allowing our legal clients to do what they do best without any additional obstacles. We also understand the sensitive nature of legal documents, cases and materials and ensure that strict privacy guidelines are followed to ensure the utmost confidentiality.

Translation of legal documents for 450 countries

We can provide legal interpretation and translation services for 450 languages and dialects. Our UK-based linguists can translate even the most complex legal documents.

All our clients have access to our exclusive online booking portal, DA Link. Our portal allows clients to book their legal translation and interpretation tasks on their schedules!

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I have been working with DA Languages for over ten years. I can always rely on them to provide the highest quality translation and interpretation services. Their staff are always on-time, professional, courteous, and helpful. They go above and beyond to get the best result. I recommend them without hesitation.

Head of Immigration, Fountain Solicitors

Our Legal Translation services include

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Marketing materials
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Annual report
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Conference interpretation
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Court interpretation
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Whichever field your business operates in and no matter how technical or precise the wording is, we have a solution for you. With a team of qualified translators and interpreters, along with industry-leading translation technology, we guarantee precise and accurate translations. So, if you’re in need of translation services in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place!

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