Video Interpreting

Connect to a video interpreter within minutes with Interpreter View. Simply log in with your registered email account and select your language to be linked to a specialist linguist.

A customisable experience

Offering a completely customisable experience you can select your language, preferred gender or even preferred interpreter. Once your session begins you can easily add additional users for multiparty calls. Hosts can also mute and remove participants – or pin and increase the screen size of certain users, which is ideal for BSL linguists.

Whether you need an interpreter immediately or one in the future, all bookings are logged on the system for full visibility of past and future bookings. For regular appointments, you can also view the ID of the linguists you’ve used previously and rebook them for continuity of service.

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Discuss your Video Interpreting requirements

When you work with us, you can access our expert video interpreters from all over the world with ease. If you would like to know more about our new additions to our video interpreting email

We can also provide you with a bespoke service depending on your interpreting needs. Get in touch today to learn more about how our video interpreting services can help you.

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