Case study: DA Languages and Derby Homes

Derby Homes, an arm’s-length management organisation that oversees social housing for Derby City Council, has been working with DA Languages since May 2019. It manages approximately 12,500 properties. 80% of its customers are homeless, seeking accommodation.

The Derby Homes logo.

DA Languages was chosen by Derby Homes through a procurement framework when seeking translation services to ensure that its customers understand the advice and information given to them. The services provided by DA Languages include telephone interpreting, video and written translations and face-to-face interpreting, including BSL. The most frequently used service is telephone interpreting as it is convenient and effective and it does not require pre-booking. 

The main reason why Derby Homes continue to use DA Languages is the quality of its services. The booking process is made easy via online codes and the three-way calls between the customer, DA Languages and Derby Homes are seamless. Annabelle Barwick, the Customer Service and Equalities Manager at Derby Homes expressed her satisfaction with the services the organisation receives, stating that overall, DA Languages provides effective and convenient translation services that meet its specific requirements. She also noted that DA Languages conduct effective quality checks which are helpful in resolving any issues in a timely manner. 

A photo of a apartment block. The walls are white and orange and there are balconies.

Derby Homes finds that DA Languages has helped it communicate effectively and efficiently with its non-English speaking customers and as a result, it is looking to extend its contract via direct award for another four years to ensure that customers continue to receive expert translation services that meet their specific needs. The partnership between Derby Homes and DA Languages serves as a successful example of how organisations work together to provide equal access to information and services for all customers, regardless of language differences.

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