Five ways professional translation protects the reputation of your brand

Your brand has continued to build a reputation ever since its beginning. You have developed the way it is for a reason; its brand voice, tone, and how it connects with consumers. However, failing to translate materials effectively can prove to be costly and damaging.

The importance of effective translation cannot be overstated. In the past, translation errors have caused many misunderstandings and even offensive issues. So, here are five ways professional translation protects your brand’s reputation.

Appeals to global audiences

Many international marketing mishaps can occur if the translation is not professional. This can prevent your brand from appealing to global audiences, hindering brand awareness and damaging its image. 

Professional translation can help ensure you resonate with your global audience and make materials accessible for all. With services such as marketing email translation, offline marketing translation and video subtitling, we can help your campaign reach a global audience effectively. 

Prevents incorrect website localisation

Websites must be accessible to all. If you are not considering the location of your consumers worldwide, you risk losing their trust in your brand. This is especially the case if efforts to translate or localise are not efficient or successful. 

This could be apparent if descriptions of products or services are incorrect, causing misunderstanding. Another consideration that professional translation can address is ensuring other languages and cultures can read the content. For example, in Arabic, the text is written from right to left; therefore, the webpage must be effectively localised to be accessible.

Rules out legal complications from arising

Professional translation ensures that all of your legal documents are correct, including terms and conditions and privacy policies. Translation errors in this field can come with severe consequences for your brand, which is why it is so important to bulletproof documents like these with professional translation services. 

This also applies to incorrect offers or sales and misunderstanding of instructions. Suppose instructions for products are inaccurate and instruct consumers to do something which could be dangerous or damage the product. In that case, legal action could be taken, and your brand’s reputation could face repercussions.

Creates accurate brand materials

Providing your consumers with accurate materials allows your brand to connect with them. Leaving potential for offensive translations can encourage audiences to disassociate with your brand even though it was accidental. 

If you are offering e-learning courses worldwide, then these must be accurately translated otherwise, the course will not be effective. With professional translation not being used, the educational content could be incorrect, resulting in consumers not using the brand’s services again.

Ensures consistency across brand campaigns 

Differing brand voices can suggest to customers that you may see some markets as more important than others when you want everyone to feel equally valued. It’s an essential way to interconnect your core customers, so they all feel a part of your brand, rather than a divided consumer base.

All translated content should be consistent to give an equivalent customer experience that matches your brand style.

How we can help your brand

Our expert linguists can assist with all types of marketing translation, from website translation to social media campaign creation. We work with mother-tongue translators who specialise in marketing and have an exceptional level of cultural awareness and an understanding that non-native speakers cannot replicate. This fluidity gives you confidence and ensures all translations and interpretations are as accurate and effective as possible.

We also offer many other language services that may be relevant for your marketing campaign, including video interpreting, app localisation and voiceover.

If you’re looking to take your business global, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing translation services.

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