How one video has the power to connect with your entire audience

Imagine if your next video could connect and strike a chord with everyone who sees. Imagine if it could grow your business internationally, regardless of viewers’ locations, languages or communication needs.

Well, that sort of reach is and should always be made possible. Video is the type of content that’s the most memorable, successful and impactful.

There are so many reasons why video communication is fundamental to many individuals and businesses. In this fast-paced digital era, it’s essential to embrace all forms of content to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

However, one of the most popular forms of communication is video. This is because the medium is so effective in breaking into foreign markets and being part of international expansion.

Video content is far more engaging 

To grow into an international business take note of video and multimedia content. Video content can be highly engaging and this is hugely important for getting your message across.

It may be that your goal is to convert visitors to customers, train staff, communicate your services and expertise to a new sector of the market, take your business international with a global expansion or just create more innovative, forward-thinking and accessible content. Video can be a brilliant tools with which to do all of these.

Research shows that including photos, videos and other multimedia attracted 77% more views than text-only content. In addition, we can process visual information 60,000 times faster than textual content.

Why video and multimedia accessibility is so important

When using video as a form of communication, it’s important that the viewer can understand and fully digest what they are seeing. It’s also crucial that they are given the information in the correct tone and that it is being presented in the right context.

If your videos fail to resonate or make a connection with your viewer, you run the risk of valuable time and resources being wasted. You also run the risk of losing brand trust and alienating a huge part of your market by not catering for them.

Technology has made it possible for both individuals and businesses to communicate and connect on a global scale. With all of these different customers and clients coming from different places, it’s crucial to make videos and other kinds of visual content that resonates with everyone. This can be done by making sure the nature of the videos are communicated in various different wants and translated into multiple languages and communication methods. 

At DA Languages, we’re proud to provide a wealth of multimedia translation services and interpreting services to suit your individual and business needs. These are including but not limited to:

The above methods make it possible for one video to make a lasting impression on your entire audience, no matter where and how they are digesting the content.

Other benefits of video and multimedia translation services

No matter whether you’re working for the local council, or a large multinational corporation, multimedia translation can provide you with a wealth of benefits. This includes:

  • Improving localisation
  • Providing translations in a useful format
  • Boosting your business’ international appeal
  • Improving your business’ customer experience
  • Growing your business internationally

There are so many mutual advantages to ensuring that any type of visual content and videos, in particular, are made available for everyone to appreciate.

More ways DA Languages can help

Our expert linguists can assist with all types of marketing translation, from website translation to social media campaign creation. We work with mother-tongue translators who specialise in marketing and have an exceptional level of cultural awareness and an understanding that non-native speakers cannot replicate. This fluidity gives you confidence and ensures all translation is as accurate and effective as possible.

We also offer many other professional translation services that may be relevant for your business expansion needs and marketing campaigns, including app localisation and voiceover..

If you’re looking to make an impact, take your business global or use more videos and multimedia to connect with your clients or the people you care about, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing translation services.

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