How to ensure your marketing campaigns are not ‘tone deaf’

Developing an effective global marketing campaign is extremely important for your business. With one, you can increase brand awareness and make yourselves known to new, international customers.

You must resonate with your audience by thinking internationally at the beginning of your campaign and develop from there. Provided you consider accessibility, consumer culture and targeting your content, you’re on the right path for a successful campaign.

Translate your marketing materials 

By translating your marketing materials for your global audience, you are ensuring that your campaign is accessible for all. This leads to many benefits, including:

  • Helping your campaigns to reach other markets worldwide.
  • Building brand trust through high-quality translation.
  • Being empathetic to the cultural moment.
  • Creating content with the consumer in mind.

Localise your content once translated also shows your consumer base that you have produced the content with them in mind. This is an essential extra step when translating your marketing materials to solidify your global brand campaign.

Accessible marketing campaign and services

Your global brand campaign must be accessible to guarantee all your audience will get an equivalent experience. This also means that your campaign is reaching a significantly larger audience, whether the barrier is language or disability. 

At DA Languages, we can help you with the translation and localisation services you need. We can cater for many types of translation, written transcription, subtitles, closed captions, image descriptions, website translation, BSL (British Sign Language) and VRS (video relay service). We know the importance of accessibility in the global market and want to ensure you have the tools to connect with your audience worldwide.

Connect culturally

To connect further with your consumers worldwide, producing culturally relevant marketing materials, advertisements and social media campaigns helps to create longer-lasting relationships with your customers. If your consumers feel they can connect and relate with you, you are building their loyalty and increasing brand trust.

We can assist you in these ways with our digital marketing and creative translation services, which include marketing email translation, SEO translation, website localisation and print media marketing translation.

Risks of non-targeting marketing materials

If you don’t target your marketing materials, you risk alienating consumers. This can create a lack of brand trust, as your audience may not associate your brand with one which strives to be inclusive, resulting in negative impressions for some consumers. You must be able to connect with all your consumers worldwide, and targeting your content is the best way to do it. 

This can also severely impact the success of your marketing campaign. By potentially alienating a large percentage of consumers, you may struggle to reach the intended purpose of the marketing, which can be a waste of time and resources. 

How we can help

Our expert linguists can assist with all types of marketing translation, from website translation to social media campaign creation. We work with mother-tongue translators who specialise in marketing and have an exceptional level of cultural awareness and an understanding that non-native speakers cannot replicate. This fluidity gives you confidence and ensures all translation is as accurate and effective as possible.

Transcreation is key

Transcreation ensures that the context and sentiment of your desired messages reach their target audience. The process of translating from one language to another can be a difficult task.

Transcreation bridges the gap between new content, culturally adapted material and straightforward translations. This is by creating an engaging hybridised product that is fluid in its readability rather than being word-for-word literal with no emotion or feeling behind it.

We also offer many other language services that may be relevant for your marketing campaign, including video interpreting, app localisation and voiceover.

If you’re looking to take your business global, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing translation services.

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