Go global with a powerful international social media campaign

A powerful international social media campaign is a core asset to any business. And to do this effectively, it’s crucial to consider if the message is accessible to all.

There are many ways you can tap into the global market with your campaigns using various translation services.

Why is it important to have a powerful international social media campaign?

Want to build trust and confidence whilst boosting the visibility of your business? Creating an appealing international social media campaign is a solid starting point. This will also help demonstrate dominance against competitors who may only offer similar services to smaller or less broad audiences.

Part of process is considering whether your marketing materials shared on social media should be available in multilingual formats. Having multiple options available is an essential step in globalising your business. It can be a huge part of resonating with as many potential customers as possible.

It’s time to see the social results you deserve

In an increasingly globalised world, international social media strategies created with cultural differences and individual target markets in mind are more valuable than ever.

So, do you need some ideas to optimise your international social media campaign? Well, you’re in the right place, and we’re here to share some services that will help you get the results you deserve.

Translate your social media marketing materials

Boost your chances of globalising your business by translating your international social media campaign effectively. Research from the European Commission found that 82% of consumers would be less likely to buy a product if the site or marketing was not in their native language.

So, don’t cut people out. Connecting on a much larger scale and including as many demographics as possible is essential. This approach will also ensure you don’t alienate any other potential markets.

DA Languages understands the power of robust communication and recognise that translation services are essential in the era of globalisation. This is why we offer an array of translation services relevant to your business’s social media campaign. Working with native translators from around the world allows us to cover over 450 languages and captivate audiences from all over the globe.

Localise your social media content

To further strengthen the relationship between your business and its consumers, consider localising the content for your international social media campaign.

Localisation is vital to all international social media campaigns to show consumers your business understands their culture. Rather than sharing one-size-fits-all materials, these services make your content relevant to your target audience, wherever they are in the world. This effort ensure your content has the power to hit home and make the most substantial impact possible.

Adapt with DTP

Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation is the adaptation of digital files for translation. Essentially, it is a service using page layout software that redesigns visuals and translates text while maintaining the desired formatting. For example, some languages may use more or fewer words for the same sentence as in another language, meaning content length will vary. That’s where DTP translation comes in to work with you to create materials that continue to resonate with your audience.

This will contribute to the effectiveness of your international social media campaign when materials need to be adapted for different languages.

Consider foreign voiceovers

Sharing multimedia on your social accounts? Foreign voiceovers can quickly and effectively communicate the same video globally without recreating it.

As well as enabling your international social media campaign to reach a wider audience, this builds your business’s connection with its audience as they recognise the efforts to make accessible materials.

Innovative ways we can help

Our expert linguists can help your business stand out by providing all types of social media campaign translation services, from Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation to social media campaign creation. We work with mother-tongue translators who specialise in marketing and have an exceptional level of cultural awareness and an understanding that non-native speakers cannot replicate. This ensures all translations are as accurate and effective as possible.

We also offer many other language services perfect for social media campaigns, including content translation, localisation and voiceovers.

If you’re looking to reach the global market and make meaningful connections with customers and clients, we can help. Contact us today to discover our social media translation services and how we can help you set yourself apart.

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