Losing to your competitors? Tips to ensure your business stands out

Wondering how to get your business into foreign markets?

You want your business to capture the attention and imagination of customers from across the globe. To achieve this, setting yourself apart from your competitors is absolutely crucial.

Whilst this concept may seem obvious, it can be tricky to implement. As a result, far too many businesses fail to put it into practice and get the limelight they deserve.

At DA Languages, we understand the power of effective communication and want to empower as many businesses as possible to connect with their clients in innovative and inclusive ways. We know how important it is to resonate with your target audience by communicating via various different means. From speaking in another language or localising your content, this ideal can easily be achieved through our range of digital marketing translation services.

Let’s get your business noticed!

Remember, whether it’s translating your website and apps, understanding technical documents or interpreting conferences and business meetings, there is always a way to secure an effective presence, even in the international market. For example, our telephone interpreting for customer services enables your business to connect and take enquiries from all over the globe.

In light of that, here is how to strengthen connections, make bigger waves and set you apart from the competition.

Be accessible

Before talking about your amazing products and services, think about how accessible your business is. Have marketing efforts been developed to reach and include everybody? Businesses that cater for the many are far more likely to stand out from the crowd and be successful.

Remember, the UK Disability Discrimination Act stipulates that businesses and organisations are obligated to assess how they provide access to their services for deaf people. Hiring a professional BSL interpreter can help to provide a more inclusive, accessible service. Our BSL interpreters are trusted within sectors such as the healthcare, local government and legal.

Break down location barriers

Are you losing out to your competitors in the international market? Consider using our localisation services to ensure the content your business is sharing connects with its audience, wherever they are in the world.

Localisation can help your business overcome cultural barriers. It goes beyond standard translations and specifically adapts aspects of your content to the new market. Our localisation services are vital for any organisation looking to compete on an international scale.

Now they’re listening, make sure you get it right!

Transcreation ensures the context and sentiment of your desired messages reach their target audience. This is a great service if you are thinking about how to enter foreign markets.

The process of translating from one language to another can be a delicate task. Transcreation bridges the gap between new content, culturally adapted material and straightforward translations by creating an engaging hybridised product. The end result is fluid in its readability and has real feeling, rather than being a word-for-word conversion.

More ways we can help your business

Your business will stand when you use expert marketing translation services, from website translation to social media campaign creation. Maximise your global reach with multimedia translation services, such as subtitle, voice-over and script translation and many other quality services.

We work with mother-tongue translators who specialise in marketing and have an exceptional level of cultural awareness and an understanding that non-native speakers cannot replicate. This ensures all translations are as accurate and effective as possible.

We also offer many other language services that may be relevant for your marketing campaign, including content translation, video interpreting, app localisation and voiceover.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and make meaningful connections with customers and clients, we can help. Contact us today to find out more about our marketing translation services and how we can help you set yourself apart.

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