5 Ways to Accommodate International Conference Attendees

When hosting an international conference, it is so important that your message is communicated clearly to all attendees, no matter what language they speak. This is crucial because it maximises attendance numbers, creates a level playing field and improves networking opportunities. Catering for international attendees also ensures that no one feels left out or alienated. […]

Does your Advertising Campaign Resonate with International Customers?

When working on an advertising campaign, it’s essential to ask, “Does my Advertising Campaign Resonate with International Customers?” If the answer is no, it’s time to consider the implications.   If you’re running an ad campaign that doesn’t take into account the needs of your international customers, you may be missing out on a huge […]

DA Languages awarded Silver for support to Defence

DA Languages is honoured to be one of 51 organisations from across the North West of England awarded Silver under the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme for their support to Defence and the wider Armed Forces community. The Employer Recognition Scheme was launched to reward employers who support Defence People objectives and encourage others […]

Common International Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When expanding your business internationally, it’s essential to be aware of the potential marketing mistakes that could occur and the significant impact they can have on a business. By being aware of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, you can give your business the best chance for visibility, growth, and success.    […]

DA Languages wins new contract with the Department for Work and Pensions

Manchester-based language service provider, DA Languages, has been awarded the contract to provide interpreting and translating services to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The awarded contract, effective May 2022, will see DA Languages support the DWP in ensuring that limited and non-English speakers (including BSL speakers) are able to effectively access services through […]

Tips for Planning a Successful Multilingual Event

Planning a successful event is hard enough, but planning successful multilingual events can be even more challenging. This is why you need to make sure that your event ticks all of the boxes so it can impact as many people as possible.   It’s incredibly likely that you’re pouring a lot of valuable time and […]

DA Languages supports Ukraine

DA Languages, like many others, is deeply troubled to see the terrible events taking place in Ukraine. As a language service provider, promoting inclusivity and equality is at the heart of what we do; reducing language barriers is particularly critical during distressing times such as these. Effective immediately, all profits from any Ukrainian telephone interpreting […]

DA Languages awarded new contract from the Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police

In the latest contract news from DA Languages, we’re delighted to have been  awarded the contract to provide interpretation and translation services to Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police. DA Languages will be supporting police officers and staff by reducing language barriers in all engagement with limited and non-English speakers (including BSL) through remote interpreting […]

How to draft a contract for international clients

International trade provides incredible opportunities for businesses in the modern era. However, there are some challenges that can come with working with international clients, namely, language barriers. When doing business with international companies, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a successful collaboration. High-quality, accurate legal document translations are not only essential for […]

How remote translation can improve your international video calls

International video calls are an excellent way to connect with remote team members, partners and clients. Unfortunately, language barriers can sometimes make these conversations difficult to understand. This is where remote translation comes in handy. Whilst there are many different types of remote translation services available on the market today, they all have one thing […]