How remote translation can improve your international video calls

International video calls are an excellent way to connect with remote team members, partners and clients. Unfortunately, language barriers can sometimes make these conversations difficult to understand. This is where remote translation comes in handy. Whilst there are many different types of remote translation services available on the market today, they all have one thing […]

The benefits of working with a mother tongue translators

Working with mother tongue translators can be a great way to take your translations to the next level and boost your business’ international appeal. Mother tongue translators translate your content into their native language. They can produce authentic translations and understand cultural nuances that might not make sense to someone who is a non-native speaker. […]

How does video conference interpreting work?

Video conference interpretation bridges the language gap between participants in a video conference. It allows participants to communicate effectively with one another, making sure everyone understands what is being said. Due to the growing adoption and improvement of video conference technology and the increasing globalisation of the marketplace, the need for remote video interpreting services […]