Video interpreting: benefits for your organisation

Video interpreting has grown in popularity over the past few years as remote working becomes a new norm. Since lockdown eased, many organisations looked to continue with new technologies and skills gained from working remotely.

Video interpreting is continually being innovated with new technologies and apps for direct access. One of the biggest advantages is that video interpreting can work for any organisation and industry.

The benefits of video interpreting

Ease of access

Available across all devices video interpreting can be accessed remotely regardless of geographical restrictions. Staff working away from the office, travelling or carrying out home visits do not have to rely on a physical person being available in that location. This is especially useful when requiring rare languages.

Furthermore, travelling workers and end-users are kept safe by having fewer people at one location. Of course, this is incredibly important to consider when doing home visits for vulnerable customers.

24/7 access means that regardless of when an interpreter is needed you can access one with ease via video interpreting.

Visual communication

Remote working should come with no compromise on the quality of service, video interpreting allows for the same high standard of interpreting to take place. Interpreters can support further by being able to see the non-English speaker, therefore they are able to pick up on visual cues and non-verbal communication easier. Of course, Video interpreting is the best option for working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing end-users remotely.

When working with children, families or individuals with disabilities can also benefit from having an interpreter visibly present. This further supports your end-user as it reassures them that they are being fully understood and listened to.


Video interpreting means that you don’t have to cancel or reschedule appointments, saving your time and resources as well as avoiding a backlog. The pandemic interrupted our daily lives and while many things have had to be put on hold, video interpreting continues to allow you to work within any restrictions with ease.

It is a cost-effective solution for remote working, which you can plan and schedule to your needs. Book as far in advance as you would like for future preparation or for dealing with existing backlogs.

Of course, being fully accessible means that video interpreting can also service urgent and unexpected requirements.

Expert video interpreting from DA Languages

DA Languages provides video interpreting across all devices and covers over 450 languages and dialects. The service ensures you will never struggle to access the interpreting services you require.

Connect to an interpreter within seconds and be rest assured you are accessing the highest quality language support. We complete over 6,000 bookings per year and are more than prepared for the expected increase in demand.

If you would like to find out more about our Video Interpreting services, contact us today and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch.

Women providing video interpreting on a video call
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