Translation of health & safety during COVID19

During these uncertain times, many individuals have started working in temporary positions in supermarkets and warehouses, from cleaners to delivery drivers. The great work being done by so many in the service industry does not go unnoticed, so first of all DA Languages would like to say thank you to everyone keeping the country running throughout COVID19.

Of course, with potentially lots of new faces in your workforce getting them trained and up to speed is of vital importance to keep your business running. Furthermore, making sure all health and safety training is complete so that those new, are doing their job well and safely, are all things that need to be considered.

The UK is an ever-diversifying society and workforces are naturally following suit, with a mix of genders, ethnicities, sexualities and religions found in most workplaces. It is important to accommodate any needs or requirement of employees, so no one is or feels they are being discriminated against. This is why the translation of your training and health & safety can be very important.

While many currently working in the UK may understand English and are able to speak it to varying levels of competency, being able to read vital information in their first language can make sure nothing is lost in translation. Furthermore, having an English and translated version of materials can help a non-English speaker understand English better as they are able to see their own language translated.

Throughout COVID19 communities are coming together and there is definitely a sense of all hands-on deck so don’t let language barriers get in the way of a strong workforce. Translation of training materials, health and safety, staff comms ensure all communication is understood as well as providing an added feeling of inclusivity. When people feel included and are happy in the workplace, not only do they work harder but also are more likely to stay loyal to the company they work for.

DA Languages has been translating documents across all sectors for over 18 years. This means we have the experience and expertise necessary to get your materials translated to the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, DA Languages works with native speaking linguists in order to ensure a level of cultural understanding, this is extremely helpful when discussing potentially controversial or upsetting topics. A cultural understanding also means that our linguists will fully comprehend the message behind what your material and be able to translate without causing offense and without losing original intent.

Moreover, DA Languages provides excellent transcreation services. Transcreation is needed when a phrase or some content does not have a direct translation into another language. Therefore, our linguists will be able to create content that matches the meaning of your original text, but the words are changed to make sense in the translated language. All our linguists are experienced and skilled in providing this service so you can be rest assured nothing will be lost in translation.

Translation of all training materials is very important and even more so if you have recently taken on more employees to help during COVID19. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want anyone doing anything unsafe or incorrectly because they did not understand their training, and you don’t want to lose out on having a great employee because of a language barrier.

Finally, we would like to say thank you once again to all those continuing to work during these uncertain times and helping to keep the country running. You are truly appreciated.

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