The importance of translating research

COVID19 is a global pandemic so it is of no surprise that researchers across the world are coming together to work towards a vaccine and better treatment. Furthermore, researchers in other fields to do with economics and mental health are looking into the effects of quarantine on society and how we should best come out of lockdown and work towards a new normal.

Of course, there are many sensitive stages when presenting research and findings to a global community as it is important that meaning is not lost in translation. Also, as communities, academics and researchers come together across the world the translation of work, research, and presentations becomes more important so that the best minds in the world can do their work unhindered by language barriers.

While numbers and quantitative data may be in essence easier to translate as a number can be considered harder to misconstrue or misinterpret, the real challenge is when findings and results start to be discussed and interpreted. Language barriers can present problems as there is another level of interpretation needed, the message from the original text needs to be maintained.

One way to help make sure that research is not lost in translation is by bringing in translation at the earlier stages. Working and writing in English can lead to thinking in English or the original language which can restrict the ability to consider how best to describe/interpret aspects in different languages. Furthermore, a higher awareness of the different languages and cultures from the beginning stages can help inform how best to communicate moving forward. DA Languages have been providing expert translation services for the past 18 years, having worked with universities and academics to support the translation of materials and have worked with research teams from start to finish, therefore, we have the experience for quality translations.

DA Languages work collaboratively with our clients in order to make sure they have all the language support they need; this is important for research as the more understanding a translation team has of the subject matter the better the translation. DA Languages work with translators who have experience with research and findings across many different subject matters so we will always work to match the linguist to the research, based off their previous experience. DA Languages will always work to facilitate open conversations in order to make sure we can provide the best translation and maintain the original meaning and intent.

Moreover, translation is not the only service that can assist with translating research and findings into different languages. Transcreation is a great service to work alongside with translation when needed. Transcreation comes into play when phrases/words do not have a direct translation in another language and therefore require a change of phrase with the same meaning.  Transcreation is something that all our linguists are skilled and experienced in, a service which can be a great help when working with global research teams and translating materials for a global audience.

Naturally, the translation of documents, findings, and materials is helpful throughout the research process and publication. However, given the current pandemic and with many working more remotely there are other challenges taking place when working with teams across the globe. DA Languages also provides excellent remote language services including Telephone and Video interpreting services, which can also assist with online meetings and conference calls while still remaining safe during the lockdown. All our remote services are available 24/7 and allow you to connect to a linguist within seconds, of course, all services can be pre-booked, but we understand that an interpreter can be needed unexpectedly or on short notice.

Overall, during these uncertain times the more understanding we have of the current situation and the effects this will have can help everyone know how to best take care of themselves, others and keep safe. Translation plays a huge role in reaching audiences and communities across the globe and even within the UK.  It is important to remember that translation not only helps those understand across borders but also within our own country, as over 2 million people in the UK do not speak English as their first language.

During this pandemic, it is important to come together and work together in any way we can, and DA Languages is proud to support the great work being done by the NHS, local councils, central government, and of course academic researchers.  Finally, we would like to say thank you to all those working on the front line and helping to understand and prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

If you are interested in our services and would like to know more please email and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

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