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Making a claim can be a stressful time for anyone and while insurance companies across the UK work to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible, complications can arise when handling claimants who do not speak or have limited English.

Efficiency is a key aspect to any insurance claim as fault will need to established as well as an accurate assimilation of what has happened. It is important to make sure that the parties involved understand their situation and potential options.

While there are many options for professional translations and interpretations available many claimants have relied on family members for translations, many of which may be young adults and even minors which can cause issues when a case reaches court proceedings. This is because the translation could be considered biased as it was completed by a family member or someone who is seen to favour the claimant.

Professional and efficient translation can help with accident report forms. A claimant being able to read and fully understand the questions they are being asked means that they can provide accurate and honest answers with a full understanding. DA Languages’ experience with insurance claims and translating to and from English allows for both the end-users and the professionals to fully understand each other and be able to provide the best service.

Translation of accident report forms and other documentation that needs to be sent to the claimant can be translated in advance in order to make the process smoother and easier for a non-English speaker. DA Languages has experience translating templated letters and forms for post and email that can support your process and improve the experience for non-English speakers.  By translating these documents ahead of time, it saves on cost as there is no need to translate material individually each time. Furthermore, we can translate your templates into the top languages that you deal with most often, this includes even the rarest of languages.

DA Languages understand that one of the key focusses for any insurance company is handling claims efficiently and professionally throughout. Our robust process allows for accurate and high-quality translations to suit quick turnarounds and urgent deadlines and requirements.

Of course, there is more to a claim than just documentation, with many claims starting with inbound calls. Integration of Telephone Interpreting can allow for an interpreter to be seamlessly connected to an on-going call with a non-English speaker. This can be extremely helpful if the claimant has been through a stressful experience such as a car crash or medical negligence. By having an interpreter on the line, a claimant can feel reassured and comforted that they are being fully understood, furthermore being able to speak someone who understands their culture and their language can provide and added comfort and allow for a calmer more supportive atmosphere to be created.

Telephone interpreting can also be booked in advance for when a call is scheduled or of course when working remotely as many of us are currently.  Furthermore, we understand that language support is also needed for British Sign Language users and other non-spoken languages. For these situations, Video interpreting is an effective and high-quality solution. DA Languages video interpreting platform can allow for an interpreter to be reached with the added benefit of visual communication. This benefit applies to both spoken and non-spoken languages. Our on-demand app allows for the top 30 languages to be reached on demand which is great for any loss adjusters or solicitors visiting clients and claimants in more remote areas. One major advantage to using video interpreting is that geographical location is never a restriction when needing access to language support in a rare language, furthermore, video interpreting is a great asset for working remotely.

As the lockdown starts to ease restrictions and we are more and more able to return to a new normal, we have seen a rise in Face to Face appointments. All of our on-going Face to Face appointments are following the latest safety guidelines and information. Face to Face is one of the best ways to communicate with a non-English and BSL speakers. Face to Face is great for loss adjusters visiting clients and any in-person meetings with solicitors. While some of these meetings may not be able to take place now it is important to keep face to face in mind as we continue to return to normal after the pandemic.

Overall, DA Languages are able to support insurance companies across the UK and by extension help to make sure that non-English speakers get the support they need. Translation, Telephone, and Video interpreting are easy and quick to implement and integrate with our newest clients being set up in less than a day.  Furthermore, Face to Face interpreting will also help ease language barriers and become more widely used when restrictions lessen. In conclusion, all language services help to improve the end-user experience and remove obstacles for claims handlers, loss adjusters, and solicitors throughout claims and cases.

If you are interested in how any of our services could support you please email and we’ll be happy to see how we can be of help.

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