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DA Languages are proficient in Tigrinya Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Tigrinya Translation experts on hand to help, find out how we can help with your next translation project.

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Communicate effectively

Our Tigrinya translation services can help you communicate effectively with the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in the UK and worldwide. We’ve worked with several high-profile clients, including the BBC and the National History Museum. This means that your translation project will be in the safest hands.

All of our Tigrinya translators and interpreters are vetted and qualified. We also provide cultural awareness training to ensure all of our translations are as accurate and as culturally sensitive as possible.

This helps you to portray your business, product or service in the best possible light, whilst avoiding causing any offence.

About the Tigrinya language

Tigrinya is mainly spoken in Eritrea and in the north of Ethiopia, however, there is also a smaller community of Tigrinya speakers in Israel. It is estimated that there are around 7 million speakers of Tigrinya across the globe.

The Tigrinya language has two main dialects. This includes:

  • Asmara
  • Tigray

Despite being mutually intelligible, our translators have an in-depth knowledge of the different Tigrinya dialects. This helps us to provide interpretations that are consistently accurate and resonate well with their intended audience.

We work with native Tigrinya interpreters

We source native-speaking Tigrinya translators and interpreters, allowing for an extra level of understanding.

Translation and interpretation not only require a handle of the language but also cultural awareness. This cultural awareness means that our linguists can respectfully and professionally translate the context of the situation as well as the literal word for word.

Our experienced Tigrinya interpreters will ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Our Tigrinya translation services include...

We divide our translation services by sector. Our team has a deep understanding of the technical language in the medical industry, marketing industry, education sector and more. This helps us to provide accurate translations that are tailored towards your niche.


It’s essential that local councils and government bodies are able to communicate effectively with their local community. That’s where our Tigrinya translation services can help.

Our team can help you to communicate with your local Ethiopian or Eritrean community, either face-to-face or remotely.

Travel and tourism

If you’re looking to expand your travel business, our Tigrinya translation services can help you do just that.

We can translate website materials, marketing, tours and more so that you can easily build and grow your customer base.

Transport and logistics

Accurate translations are vital in the transport industry. That’s why we work with highly qualified Tigrinya translators that are well-versed in the terminology used in this industry.

We can help you accurately translate transport signage, timetables, customer communications and more.

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