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DA Languages are proficient in Thai Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Thai Language experts on hand to help.

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In-depth understanding

Our Thai translation services are indispensable in many scenarios. The DA Languages team aims to remove language barriers, improve understanding and speed up communication so you can carry out your job effectively.

We’ve worked with charities, digital marketing agencies, pharmaceutical companies and more, to help them effectively communicate with their non-English speaking audiences.

Our Thai translators and interpreters have an in-depth understanding of the terminology used in these fields. This means we can provide a high-quality, personalised translation solution, regardless of the niche you’re in.

About the Thai language

Thai is the official language of Thailand and it is spoken as a first language by over 20 million people in the country. It’s also sometimes referred to as Central Thai or Siamese.

It’s estimated that there are over 60 million Thai speakers worldwide and thousands in the UK. As such, our Thai translation services can help you better communicate with the Thai community in the UK and globally.

Thai is also spoken in countries such as:

  • U.A.E
  • Singapore
  • Midway Islands
  • U.S.A

Words, phrasing and colloquialisms can vary throughout the country and this has given rise to two widely recognised dialects: Central Thai and Southern Thai.

Fortunately, our Thai interpreters and translators also have an in-depth understanding of the key Thai dialects, so you’ll always receive a flawless translation geared to your target audiences needs.

Faultless translations from native Thai speakers

Working with native-speaking Thai translators and interpreters helps us ensure the final result is as naturalistic and as accurate as possible.

Native Thai speakers have a level of cultural understanding and awareness that non-natives simply can’t learn. When you choose DA Languages, you can take advantage of our team’s added cultural awareness and communicate with your audience in a way that works for them.

Thai translation services by sector

Our services are divided by subject matter. We also assign clients with translators and interpreters that have a background in the desired sector. Why?

In niches such as the medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors terminology and language can differ significantly. As such, working with subject-specific Thai translators helps us provide accurate, relevant translations at all times.


Mistranslations can cost lives in the medical sector. That’s why we work with Thai translators and interpreters that have expert knowledge of the terminology used in this field.

We can provide phone interpreting, face-to-face and video interpreters for hospital and GP appointments, as well as translations of complex medical documents.

Travel and Tourism

It’s estimated that over 39.2 million tourists visited Thailand in 2019. This presents a huge opportunity for the travel and tourism sector. That’s where our Thai translation services can help.

Our linguists can help you to translate branding, marketing, website content and more to help you boost your business’ international appeal.


Charities are faced with many harrowing and stressful situations every day. When communication issues are factored into this, it can prevent workers from delivering help to those that need it.

Fortunately, our Thai translation services can help you communicate effectively with Thai speakers of all walks of life. This frees up more time for you to focus on supporting those in need.

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