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DA Languages are proficient in Sylheti Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Sylheti Language experts on hand to help.

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In-depth understanding

Our Sylheti translation services encompass everything from document translation to consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. We’ve helped established brands such as the BBC and the National History Museum with their translations. Therefore, we’re best placed to take on any language project.

We work with a combination of non-native and native Sylheti interpreters and translators. This means that our team has an in-depth understanding of the Sylheti culture, and ensures your translations are as accurate as possible.

The Sylheti language

Sylheti is an eastern Indo-Aryan language mainly spoken in Bangladesh and the Indian state of Assam. There are also large Sylheti speaking communities within the UK, US and Middle East.

It is estimated that there are 11 million Sylheti speakers worldwide, and it’s one of the top 100 most spoken languages in the world. Some consider Sylheti to be a dialect of Bengali, whereas, others consider it to be a language in its own right.

DA Languages have years of experience providing high-quality Sylheti translation and interpretation services across multiple industry sectors throughout the UK.

Native-speaking Sylheti interpreters and translators

Many of our Sylheti interpreters are native speakers. This allows them to apply an additional level of understanding of the culture and language.

All our translators are trained to deal with many difficult scenarios, such as cancer diagnosis, police interviews and medical history. This level of professionalism is what makes DA Languages’ Sylheti translation services the prime choice for institutions such as:

  • UK Parliament
  • NHS
  • The British Red Cross
  • The National History Museum
  • BBC

Our Sylheti translation services by sector

We can provide Sylheti interpreters and translators by sector experience. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the technical language in 15 different sectors. These range from medical and pharmaceutical to travel and tourism.


We can provide Sylheti translators to translate your eLearning materials.

In order to provide the best possible learning experience, it’s essential to communicate in a way that best suits your audience. Our Sylheti translation services ensure that your message comes across in the right way, and provides the optimum learning experience for your students or clients.


There’s no room for error when it comes to healthcare translations. That’s why we work with expert Sylheti interpreters and translators that have a deep understanding of technical medical language.

This ensures your medical correspondence, GP appointments and more are translated accurately and sensitively.

Transport and logistics

Accurate translations are essential for transport signage, travel timetables, marketing materials and more. Therefore, we work with Sylheti translators that have a comprehensive understanding of the language used in this field.

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