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DA Languages are proficient is Lithuanian Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Lithuanian Translation experts on hand to help.

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Translations and interpretations

We provide Lithuanian translations and interpretations to a wealth of established UK institutions, such as the government and the BBC. Therefore, we’re best placed to take on any translation task.

Lithuanian is an Eastern Baltic Language, spoken by nearly 3 million people in Lithuania, and it’s spoken by around 200,000 people in the rest of the world. With globalisation blurring cross-country borders, communicating effectively with your intended audience is now more important than ever. That’s where our translation services come in.

We provide Lithuanian translation services for public and private sector clients across the UK. No matter whether you’re a business owner, government worker or medical professional, our translation services will help you to communicate effectively in any environment.

High-quality translations from native Lithuanians

With over 20 years of experience, we understand what is required for a flawless translation and interpretation. This is why we work with native-speaking translators and interpreters. This helps us to not only translate and interpret the literal word, but also the context.

All our Lithuanian translators are trained and skilled in handling even the most serious of situations, such as court and hospital appointments. Our interpreters are also aware of Lithuanian cultural nuances, allowing them to have an additional level of knowledge that heightens the overall quality of the translation or interpretation.

Lithuanian interpreters for all major sectors

We aim to cover a wide range of niches with our translations, and the same goes for our Lithuanian language services. We work with industry-specific Lithuanian interpreters, so you get an accurate, reliable and relevant translation each and every time.

We can provide interpretations for the following sectors:

Our Lithuanian translators can provide the following services:

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