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DA Languages are proficient in Latvian Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Latvian Language experts on hand to help.

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Communicate effectively

Our expert Latvian translation services can help you communicate effectively with your intended audience. We have a wealth of experience providing high-quality translations to businesses, local government, charities and more. This means we’re best placed to take on any translation task.

The Latvian language

Latvian can also be referred to as Lettish, and it is spoken by around 2 million people. Since 1918, it has been the official language of Latvia, and 9 out of 10 residents speak it.

The Latvian language is closely related to Lithuanian, however, it’s considered to be more advanced. There are also three main Latvian dialects, including High Latvian, West Latvian and Central Latvian.

While it could be considered a smaller language, it is still a highly requested one for DA Languages. We have the experience and team ready to handle any Latvian language request.

Impeccable translations from native Lavian speakers

Our translators are native Latvian speakers which also ensures a high command of the language and skill of translation.

All our Latvian translators also receive cultural awareness training. This important training means that our linguists are able to translate the surrounding context to the situation. Therefore, allowing all parties to have the best understanding without confusion.

Latvian translation services we offer

We can provide Latvian language translations by sector, as we work with translators who are industry experts. This helps us to ensure your translations are relevant and accurate, no matter how complex the context is.

Medical and pharmaceutical

Our Latvian translators understand complex medical language and texts. This means that they can provide assistance with:

  • Patient correspondence
  • Healthcare plan translations
  • Pharmaceutical proposals
  • Clinical study guides
  • Pharmaceutical packaging

Accurate translations are vital when it comes to medicine and pharmaceuticals. We work with highly-trained interpreters and translators to help you avoid any costly mistakes.

Our team are also trained in dealing with sensitive information. This makes them a useful asset for hospital and GP appointments.


We can provide Latvian interpreters for schools, universities, eLearning and more. This will help you to communicate effectively with your students, and provide the best possible learning experience.

Digital Marketing

Globalisation and localisation are essential for any business looking to thrive in the international market. That’s where our Latvian digital marketing translations can help.

We can help you translate marketing materials, carry out localised SEO, translate website content and more.

We can also assist with:

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