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We provide high-quality Amharic translation services for global and UK businesses across all industry sectors. Our certified Amharic linguists are on hand to provide flawless localised Amharic translations and interpretations, no matter how complex the translation requirement is.

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Our Amharic translation service connects you with global audiences

Our Amharic translation services have helped countless clients, such as the BBC, the NHS and the UK parliament to produce faultless Amharic translations for documents, multi-media projects and face-to-face communications.

Our native Amharic linguists are highly skilled at providing faultless Amharic translations. All of our Amharic translators and interpreters are vetted, highly qualified and have broad experience working in different industry sectors. This allows us to also translate specific, professional terminology from English to Amharic and from Amharic into different languages and provide unrivalled Amharic language solutions. We provide Amharic translations and interpretations for projects such as:

  • Amharic document translations
  • Amharic telephone interpretations
  • Amharic multi-media translations
  • Amharic marketing translations
  • Amharic face-to-face interpretation

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Translating the Amharic language

The Amharic language is also sometimes referred to as Abyssinian, Amarigna, Amarinya, Amhara or Ethiopian. It’s spoken mainly in Ethiopia, and there are 22 million people worldwide that speak it as their first language.

Amharic, English and Tigrinya are the official working languages of Ethiopia. However, Amharic has three main dialects spoken throughout the country. This includes:

  • Gondar
  • Gojjami
  • Showa

Our Amharic translation services can help you to communicate effectively with the Ethiopian community in the UK and worldwide. We work with linguists who have a deep understanding of the different Amharic dialects. This ensures that we provide you with flawless, localised Amharic translations.

Amharic translations from native Amharic linguists

Here at DA Languages, we work with native-speaking Amharic translators and interpreters. This ensures that all Amharic translations and interpretations are localised and consider local phrasing and terminology.

Our Amharic translators receive additional cultural awareness training to ensure key Amharic phrases don’t get lost in translation. Therefore, our Amharic translators can fully translate individual words as well as the context, respectfully and effectively.

Our Amharic translation services

We divide our Amharic translation services into sectors, as our translators and interpreters specialise in public and private sector niches.

All of our Amharic interpreters are highly qualified and have an in-depth knowledge of the technical and professional language used in many major sectors, such as legal terminology. This helps us to provide a hyper-relevant Amharic translation, regardless of the complexity of the project requirements.


We can help you take your retail business to the next level with our Amharic translation services. This includes everything from Amharic retail marketing translations to localisation for website expansions.

Transport and logistics

Incorrect translations can have serious consequences in the transport and logistics industry. This is why we work with experts who understand and can effectively translate industry terminology into Amharic and vice versa.

Our transport and logistics translation services include social media, customer communications and transport timetable translations.


We’ve worked with countless charities on their translations, and we understand the difficulties that they face on a daily basis.

Our Amharic translators are also trained to deal with many difficult scenarios, such as medical diagnosis and court proceedings. This experience and training help us to provide a tailored, sensitive approach for NGOs and charitable organisations.

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