First 100 telephone interpreting minutes: terms and conditions

The below information states the terms and conditions of the telephone interpreting programme that DA Languages is running for newly registered telephone interpreters.  

Linguists completing their first 100 minutes of successful telephone interpreting on behalf of DA Languages will be given a one-off additional cash payment equivalent to their fee for those minutes.

This payment will be made in the payment run following the completion of the first 100 minutes and will not be visible on the DA Languages app.

Please note that while this scheme does involve an additional payment, your standard rate will not be affected by this scheme.

This scheme is only applicable to telephone interpreting linguists who complete their first 100 telephone interpreting minutes with DA Languages after 1st August 2022.

The one-off payment is non-transferable.

This scheme does not form part of the service agreement, and can be cancelled at any time by DA Languages without notice.

If an interpreter does not wish to be included in this scheme they should inform via email at any time before the one-off payment has been issued.

Please note only completed, connected calls will count towards your minute volume and any calls where there is evidence that the code of conduct has not been followed (eg client complaints) will be disqualified and not count towards your 100 minutes.


Should a linguist be deregistered for any reason before payment is made, they forfeit eligibility for the one-off payment. 


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