COVID19 and the lockdown so far

The conditional changes laid out by the Government on Sunday outlined smaller aspects such as unlimited exercise outdoors from Wednesday, as well as being able to stay outdoors in parks and public places while social distancing. Schools potentially re-opening for some pupils from June 1stat the earliest. We look forward to the UK re-opening and safely returning to life after the lockdown. As we currently observe the latest safety information and continue to do everything, we cant to provide language services safely and to the highest quality.

We have already seen an uplift in our remote service options:

All three of these areas naturally garnering more demand as many businesses, councils, and organizations have been forced to work remotely and from home over the past several weeks. DA Languages is incredibly proud to be able to support such great work of frontline workers during this time and thank you to all our hard-working linguists for providing remote services and face to face interpreting when needed.

Similar to many businesses across the UK DA Languages is looking to the future and planning for what it will look like. Many experts including the Government have stated that going back to how things were, is a long way off and a new normal will need to be established first. We have already seen a part of this new norm as our Face to Face interpreting has seen a rise in requests. As face to face interpreters are classified as key workers DA Languages has made sure to provide them with the necessary documents to support any travel queries and continue to advise and instruct on all the latest safety information.

Our top priority is making sure our clients have access to the language support they need and therefore allows their end-users/patients to receive the best care and advice. When considering Face to Face appointments we have been keeping communication open with all linguists and clients about how we can work together to continue to ensure safety for all parties. Once the government lessons restrictions and the cases of COVD19 fall we look to working with our clients and linguists to establish new safety measures and ensure that all involved continually feel safe booking and having appointments.

In the meantime, we understand that remote services are preferable in certain areas, we have seen an uplift with councils requesting our remote services as they are the non-medical arm of the COVD19 response. Furthermore, caring for vulnerable people within the community can already be challenging with a language barrier, and doing it remotely can add to that. This is why DA Languages has been continually innovating and improving our remote service solutions to quickly deliver services that work best for clients and their end-users.

Firstly, we have improved our robust video interpreting platform which is available via desktop as well as via your mobile and tablet device. Using the DA Languages video app allows you to connect to a linguist in under 30 seconds. However, during this time we recognize that familiar platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp are preferred as they have allowed for a quick transition to remote working. Due to this, we have made sure that you can access video interpreting via these online platforms.

Furthermore, we have also made Telephone Interpreting accessible via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WEBEX, and WhatsApp. You can now connect to our friendly Telephone Interpreting team via your online platform and they will then connect a linguist into your call. This service is great for when an interpreter is needed unexpectedly. Also, we have seen an increase in the use of our Telephone Interpreting app which has an average connection time of under 20 seconds.

Both Telephone and Video interpreting have allowed for those in need to access services and allowed the excellent front-line staff at the NHS and local councils to care for their communities without the hindrance of a language barrier.

Finally, our Translation team has been working extra hard to service requests in a timely manner, especially during the beginning of lockdown when a lot of safety information needed to be shared on short notice. Our expert translators have been working with the NHS, local authorities, central government, charities, and social workers to help provide information in a variety of languages. All of this can help reduce the demand on helplines and calls as FAQs, informative leaflets, websites, and comms have all been translated so everyone has access to the same advice, support, and information.

Overall, DA Languages has supported and will continue to support our clients during this lockdown and throughout the transition to the new normal and the lessening of restrictions, with continual communication with our clients, linguists, and staff. We look forward to coming out of this stronger and better than before.

If you are interested in any of our services email we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

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