Supporting the public sector and private sector with remote interpreting

DA Languages are experts at providing all forms of language solutions. As a language service provide, we support over 1,000 clients across the public sector and the private sector.

The way we serve these sectors has changed in recent times. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen an increased demand for remote services.

Challenges for public sector health bodies

Coronavirus is affecting everybody’s lives, with many precautionary measures being set up across the UK and the globe. One of the major strains is now being placed on our national health system. Now, the vast majority of consultations and appointments are being conducted via phone or video call.

The loss of face to face meetings has an impact on non-English speakers and the Deaf community. Members of these groups must find alternatives to face to face interpreters. While we expect face to face interpreter bookings to rise again once the pandemic has passed, it is important to support NHS staff and patients in their time of need. This support takes the form of remote services.

Our telephone and video interpreting services have won awards for their innovation. Our mission in creating these is supporting our clients without no compromising on quality.

Telephone and video interpreting is quick to get set up and running. We can provide easy-to-follow training guides as well as personal one-to-one support where needed. In turbulent times it is important to consider what provisions you have in place. DA Languages is here to help fill any gaps and avoid as much disruption as possible to your organisation.

Telephone interpreting

DA Languages is experienced in providing the best telephone interpreting. This is used by many organisations for regular appointments, in emergencies or when face-to-face appointments are not an option. During COVID-19, all three are often the case.

Most public sector and private organisations have been instructed to operate remotely. A solution is to convert scheduled meetings to telephone appointments or video appointments. This will see you continue normal functions and therefore avoid backlogs of work in the future.

We are able to facilitate telephone interpreting requests almost immediately. In order to prepare for this possibility, we recommend setting up access to our telephone service in advance. This will allow for quick conversion to remote services and provide you with the ability to keep end-user continuity of service.

Telephone interpreting can be used remotely by all parties. Our service allows three or more participants to be involved in calls, with clear options to add participants, controlled by the professional. DA Languages also has a telephone app which is accessible across all devices allowing you to instantly reach an interpreter whenever you require.

Video interpreting

As a further solution to reducing physical contact, DA Languages provides an online video interpreting solution. The service which allows you to communicate via video. This is a suitable option particularly for end-users who communicate via BSL, are hard of hearing or have special communication requirements.

Video interpreting can be set up within the hour. We can arrange to have the interpreters who were due to attend your in-person appointments instead be available via video, ensuring end-user continuity.

Similar to our telephone interpreting app DA Languages also has a video interpreting app. Both apps are available across all devices and are intuitive to use. Average connection time for video and telephone is under 30 seconds!

Translation services

Our translation team understands the importance of high-quality translation. For this reason, we use the very latest in translation technology, including computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation software.

When we receive your document, we’ll provide you with a free quote and a quick assessment on turnaround times. We can quickly turn around all end user-facing communications. This includes public notices, instructions and guidance, website content, push notifications and much more.

You can rest easy knowing that all translations are quality-assured to the highest standards and documents are handled to the highest security standards.

Get language help for your public sector or private sector organisation

DA Languages are more than capable to accommodate face-to-face alternatives in order to avoid any unnecessary contact, without losing continuity or quality of service. If you feel that your trust would benefit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of service throughout these turbulent times. We’re here for you.

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