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DA Languages are proficient in Mirpuri Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Mirpuri Language experts on hand to help.

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High-quality translations

The DA Languages team can assist with all of your Mirpuri translation and interpretation needs. We have over 25 years worth of experience providing high-quality translations to businesses and public sector organisations. No matter how niche your request is, our experienced linguists will provide a solution that suits your needs.

When you book Mirpuri translation services with DA Languages, you’ll gain access to our highly qualified Mirpuri interpreters and translators. Every linguist we work with has the skills, expertise and training to complete your translation to the highest possible standard.

About the Mirpuri language

Mirpuri is spoken in the North West of Pakistan. It can also be referred to as Pothwari (پوٹھواری), also spelt Patwari, Potohari and Pothohari (پوٹھوہاری) Pahari (پہاڑی).

An estimated 60% of the British-Pakistani population in the UK speak the Mirpuri dialect. As such, our Mirpuri translation services can help you to connect with the UK Pakistani community, as well as Mirpuri speakers worldwide.

Our team provides high-quality Mirpuri translation and interpretation services across a variety of industry sectors. This includes everything from education to digital marketing, so you’ll have no trouble finding a service that matches your exact requirements.

High-quality Mirpuri translation services from native speakers

All of our Mirpuri translations and interpretations are carried out by native-speaking linguists. We also provide additional training in order to maintain an incredibly high standard and code of conduct.

The Mirpuri interpreters we work with are all fully qualified and experienced in handling even the most complex situations. This includes hospital appointments, police interviews, legal document translations and so on.

Our team works tirelessly to break down language barriers for all clients and their customers.

Mirpuri translation services we cover

We can provide bespoke Mirpuri translation services for your specific sector.

Mistranslations can not only damage brand reputation, but they can also have serious legal and financial consequences, depending on the industry you’re in. Working with linguists who are experts in their fields helps us ensure that all of our translations are compliant, accurate and relevant for your niche.


There’s no room for error when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical translations. As a result, we only work with vetted, qualified Mirpuri interpreters that have an in-depth understanding of medical procedures and terminology.

Our team can help you translate complex medical documents, as well as providing face-to-face, video or phone translations for medical appointments and meetings.

Transport and logistics

Our team is always on-hand to assist with your transport and logistic translations.

No matter whether you need a simple timetable translation, or you need an interpreter to communicate with your international clients, our team can help.


We’ve worked with countless charities in the UK and understand the challenges they face. This includes the likes of Barnardos and the British Red Cross.

Our linguists are trained to deal with stressful or difficult situations, which makes them a great asset for charities and NGOs. Our team will provide a considered, unintrusive approach that will help you deliver help to those that need it.

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