Speaking COVID19

medical translation deadline

Understanding COVID19 is important for everyone and it is of vital importance that supports advice and information is available for all.

COVID19 and the lockdown so far

Read more about how DA Languages will continue to support our clients and keep our staff and linguists safe as the UK works to relaxing lockdown measures.

The importance of translating research


With some workplaces increasing their employee numbers to help during COVID19 it is important to make sure all understand their training and health & safety materials.

Language support in self-isolation

Pashtu Translation Services

During COVID19 communities are coming together, DA Languages is proud to support key workers to make sure no one is isolated because of their language.

Medical Interpreting During COVID19

Access to medical help and advice should never be subject to criteria which is why DA Languages want to support our NHS with language services during COVID19.

Mental Health During COVID19

With many of us self-isolating its important to remember that our most vulnerable also need access to mental health support.