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Since the beginning of April, we’ve enabled over 50% of our public sector client base to provide language services via video interpreting. We are proud to support frontline workers, our NHS, and local authorities.
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More About Video Interpretation Services

Connect with the touch button to DA Languages state of the art video interpreting solution, now available across all your devices. Video interpreting is a great tool for quick and reliable access to interpretation services on the go or in a hurry.

Video interpreting is available through DA Languages own platform and native app and given the current situation with Covid-19 our 3 way Video solutions are available via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team, WEBEX, and WhatsApp. If you would like to know more about our new additions to our video interpreting email

Our video interpreting app allows our clients to access instant interpreting services with the bonus of a live feed. Our video app is great for urgent interpreting needs that require visual assistance, for example, BSL interpreting.

We can offer video interpreting in even the rarest of languages, without any geographical restrictions. The service not only covers our extensive range of languages but also BSL, for which visuals are necessary.

All video interpreters comply with our code of conduct. We also provide access and training to our clients on how to use video interpreting.

Video interpreting is a great service for conferences, remote interpreting and situations where visual cues are necessary. Of course, video interpreters can be booked in advance and requested on a regular basis. It doesn’t just have to be for emergencies.

Video interpreting still allows you to access DA Languages skilled and experienced linguists on the go and on your schedule!

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