Urdu / اردو Translation Services

DA Languages are proficient in Urdu Translation. We have a dedicated team of UrduTranslation experts on hand to help, find out more how we can help with your next translation project.
Urdu Translation Services

About Our Urdu Translation Services

We only work with the most experienced and qualified Urdū translators to ensure we provide the highest quality translations. We work with over 12,000 linguists across the UK from all major sectors. This helps us to provide accurate, relevant translations for almost every niche.

Our team has over 20 years worth of experience providing translations and interpretations for public and private sector firms. We also provide our team with cultural awareness training to improve our Urdū translations even further. This helps us ensure that all of our interpretations and translations resonate well with their intended audience.

About the Urdu language

It’s estimated that the Urdū language is spoken as a first language by 64 million people in Pakistan and India. However, it’s also spoken in parts of:

  • Afghanistan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UK
  • US
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Australia

The Urdū language can be broken down into 4 main dialects. This includes Dakhini, Pinjari, Rekhta and Modern Vernacular Urdū. However, all of these dialects are mostly mutually intelligible, and can also be understood by many Hindi speakers.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of these Urdū dialects, thus helping us to provide accurate, culturally relevant Urdū translations at all times.

Bespoke Urdu translations from native speakers

Here at DA Languages, we work with a selection of native-speaking Urdu interpreters that are trained to handle even the most sensitive scenarios. This includes court appointments, police interviews, medical diagnosis’ and more.

They provide an extra level of understanding when translating or interpreting, as our team can communicate the cultural differences and norms among Urdu speakers.

Our Urdu translation services

Our Urdu translations span many major sectors. This includes everything from charity and educational translations to manufacturing and medical translations.

We work with expert Urdu translators that have in-depth knowledge of the technical language used in these fields. This helps us to provide relevant, tailored translations that are suitable for all major niches.


We can provide high-quality Urdu translations for your pharmaceutical business, as our team has a deep understanding of the complex medical terminology used in this field. This helps us to provide accurate and reliable translations for a range of scenarios.


There’s a large Urdu-speaking community in the UK, and our Urdu interpreters can help local councils communicate effectively with these groups.

We can provide face-to-face interpreters, remote translations, BSL interpreters and more for local government bodies.


Our experienced team can provide high-quality Urdu translation services for many legal scenarios. This includes everything from court proceedings to legal document translation.

We work with highly qualified linguists that understand even the most complex legal terminology. This helps us to provide you with an accurate translation for your legal business.

Why work with us?

Our team has a wealth of experience providing Urdu translations for countless clients across the UK. Therefore, you know your translation project will be in the safest hands.

No matter how complex your requirements are, our team is more than happy to help. With the help of our DA Link platform, you can also quickly and easily book your translation service online. Contact us today via phone (0161 928 2533) or email (enquiries@dalanguages.co.uk) to discuss your requirements.

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