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Translation plays an important role for Charitable organisations, not only for Charities with global causes but also UK based organisations who help the ever-growing multicultural UK society.

There are over 150,000 charities in the UK and given the rise of technology and the internet that number is set to increase. Our knowledge of the world around us and its issues are much more prominent then they were 20 years ago.

Global and Local

Translation for Charities operating overseas is a key element to the information they provide and their marketing in order to raise awareness. Many charities rely on their own staff for translations as they might not have the budget for a professional service. Although this can lead to problems as professional translators ensure consistency throughout all messaging as well as being able to cater to rarer languages.

As mentioned, translation is also important for those operating within the UK. The country is becoming more multi-cultural and it is important that charities don’t exclude anyone due to language barriers.  For example, DA Languages has worked with UK based charity Barnardo’s, as children being affected by abuse and neglect is not limited to UK citizens. Translation allows Barnardo’s to spread their message of help and support through communities, families and more importantly children who don’t speak English but do need their help!

Professional translators often benefit from being native speakers but also from having previous experience with Charity specific translation. This vital experience means highly accurate translation as well as an added ability to make sure context is correct. After all, language barriers can sometimes and often do include phrasing that cannot be translated directly. This is where you can benefit from a professional translator who will be able to reword material without losing the underlying message.

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Education on Issues

Education often plays a key part in charity messaging. Awareness is the goal of many smaller charities whose causes are not widely reported on. As education around certain issues may have to be altered not only because of the language but also due to cultural sensitivities and even laws. For example, charities working against female genital mutilation must remain extra vigilant in cultures where such practices are considered the norm. Professional translation can help in making sure that sensitive subject matter is does not lose meaning while not offending or turning away people who potentially require help.

Children’s Charities

Furthermore, working with children can also be an area that requires extra care. Especially when it comes to charities that work directly with children such as Barnardo’s. Translating child friendly materials requires skilled and experienced translators. DA Languages can provide translation services that fit with child friendly content.

Why choose DA Languages

As previously mentioned, charities have often resorted to using their own staff for translation. As a large percentage of charities funding comes from donations, budget is at the forefront of any charitys’ priorities. Therefore, DA Languages offer a 10% discount on all charity translations.

From working with the British Red Cross and Barando’s we understand the amazing work achieved both in the UK and abroad. DA Languages want to help that incredible work as much as possible, which is why we want to make professional translation more accessible.

DA Languages are an experienced language service provider and can offer competitive rates for charity translations. If you would like to find out more about our services, please click here to get in touch! Or email enquiries@dalanguages.co.uk or call 0161 9282 533.