Twi/ tɕᶣi Translation Services

DA Languages are proficient in Twi Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Twi Language experts on hand to help.
Twi Translation Services

About Our Twi Translation Services

Here at DA Languages, we have a wealth of experience providing Twi translation services to public and private sector organisations. This includes everything from retail and manufacturing businesses, to charities and local councils. No matter which niche you’re in, we can provide a high-quality translation to suit your needs.

We have over 20 years worth of experience in the industry, and we work with vetted, native translators to ensure your Twi translations are of the highest possible quality.

About the Twi language

Twi, otherwise known as Akan Kasa, is an African language mainly spoken in Ghana. It’s estimated that there are 17 to 18 million Twi speakers worldwide, and 80% of people in Ghana speak it as their first or second language.

There are several Twi dialects, but the main dialects are as follows:

  • Akuapim Twi
  • Fante Twi
  • Ashanti Twi
  • Bono Twi
  • Fante Twi

Our Twi interpreters and translators are native speakers and have an in-depth understanding of the different dialects and cultural nuances. This ensures you get a culturally relevant, accurate translation every time.

Faultless translations from native Twi interpreters

We provide the best possible Twi translation services, as we only work with highly qualified, vetted linguists who meet our clients’ specific requirements.

We source native-speaking translators, meaning they understand Ghanaian culture, as well as niche Twi language phrases. This allows for accurate and respectful contextual translation.

Being aware of local customs allows us to handle sensitive information and situations without offending anyone’s culture.

Our Twi translation services

Our Twi translation services span several major sectors. We work with Twi interpreters that understand the technical language in the medical, manufacturing and marketing fields and many more. This helps us to ensure you get the highest quality translation for your specific niche.


We can help you translate your eLearning materials to Twi and vice versa. This will help you effectively communicate with your students, and ensure your training materials have the maximum impact.

Legal aid

Our expert Twi interpreters can assist with legal aid translation and interpretations. All of our team are trained to deal with difficult scenarios like court proceedings. Therefore, we can provide a high-quality service no matter how stressful the environment.


Our Twi translation services can help you take your retail business global. With over 17 million Twi speakers worldwide, our translation services can open up a wealth of opportunities for your business.

We can provide retail signage translations, marketing and website translations and more.

Why work with DA Languages?

We’ve helped countless clients with their translation projects. This includes the likes of the BBC, the British Red Cross and Barnardos. This means that your project will be in the safest hands.

Our team is always on-hand to discuss your requirements. No matter whether you need a fast, Twi translation, or a Twi interpreter, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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