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Welcome to the October edition of “In the Spotlight”: our Monthly Interview segment.

Today, we’re excited to introduce one of our favourite interpreters to work with. She’s formed a fantastic partnership with many of our co-ordinators and our clients like her just as much as we do! Her bubbly personality, but professional demeanour, makes Ruxandra a great asset to our agency and we’re pleased to be interviewing her today.

There’s plenty to find out from Ruxandra and speaking with her has been a great pleasure; we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did! So, without further ado:


Spotlight Questions


1. Thank you for taking part in this interview, Ruxandra; please tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you for your invitation! I am a multi-skilled 30-year-old-young person. 🙂 I like discovering and experimenting new things, as well as working with people and being able to help.

2. How long have you worked as an interpreter, and what languages do you speak?

I have been working as a Romanian interpreter for one year and a half and lately I’ve started Spanish interpreting as well. I speak Romanian (as native language), Spanish and English (as foreign).

3. Was there something in particular that drew you to working in this industry? What inspired you most about working as an interpreter?

I was drawn to working as an interpreter by the ease of the job implications. Things like not having a fixed schedule every day, being able to take vacation whenever I needed one, travelling and being active while doing the job instead of being sat on a chair all day long. The inspiration and fascination came after I started working; that was when I discovered what being an interpreter can truly offer.

4. What do you enjoy most about working with the people you meet? Do you find it an enjoyable challenge using different languages on a daily basis?

Variety and surprise. You never meet the same two situations/persons, so you can’t get bored and you may never know how your day will look.

Using different languages throughout the day is a great challenge in terms of concentration and coherence. Sometimes I keep the habit when I am with my family and we talk in English with somebody. Even though they speak English, I can sometimes find myself interpreting…which is funny and annoying in the same time.    

5. Do your hobbies or interests influence your approach to language and interpreting? For example, have you travelled a lot, or used your linguistic skills in other roles, or jobs around the world?

Well, yes. To all. I like analysing people, behaviours and situations and interpreting is a great way to do so.

Plus, I love talking.

And as long as somebody pays me for that, this can’t get any better. I have also travelled a bit and I love travelling; meeting people from different parts of the world gives me sometimes a hint for my next destination. Especially when it comes to Spain.

6. How would you say the job has affected you personally? What do you feel you’ve learnt from your experiences? Have you thought about developing your language skills in other ways i.e. further training/education?

I am more confident now when it comes to life and “problems”.

This job has made me stronger and braver.

I know now that I’ve never had a problem, because I’ve seen what real, hard-hitting problems look like. Also, this job made me consider approaching becoming a midwife and/or a diabetes nurse. I think these two fields are my favourite so far from what I’ve experienced as interpreter. However, it would take me 8 years and a lot of money to graduate and achieve this.

7. Do you have any advice you would give to anyone new starting in the language industry?

Yes. Don’t stress out!!! You must be relaxed and open at all times, especially when you are near the patient/client. Because they may feel uncomfortable for not being able to speak the language themselves, or they may feel ashamed at letting a stranger know about their problems, which sometimes are very real problems. So, you should help the patient open up, but never show panic or tension if the doctor has any bad news. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to react, try to imitate the attitude of the professional: they always behave spectacularly.

8. You completed over 400+ jobs for our company and our co-ordinators often spoke very highly of you; what appealed to you most of all about working with our team at DA Languages?

Communication. And the speed of it most of all. I have to be honest and tell you that DA Languages is by far my favourite employer. And besides being a compliment, it’s the truth. Every step you think of: from employment to receiving jobs, payment and everything related to our professional relationship worked just great!

9. Ilaria (one of our co-ordinators) informed us that you’re pursuing quite an artistic, performance focused career. How do you feel as though your skills and experiences in the language service industry have benefited you or prepared you these roles?

Ilaria is a living treasure and a wonderful person! As for the skills and experiences in the language service industry, they help me with understanding the people around me, part of the British culture, what they like or don’t like about the system, etc. It gives me a hint of what I want to know at the moment. But these kind of experiences are lifelong and very helpful for an actor. [Side note: Ruxandra also acts and performs]. As long as I take what I need from these experiences and keep it in a “safe place” of my soul, any experience will show its value at some point in my life.


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We’d like to thank Ruxandra once again for taking part in our interview. She’s an incredible individual with a lot of talent and is simply a lovely person to communicate with! We’re looking forward to hearing more about her roles and plans for the future; who knows, maybe we’ll have another interview with her somewhere down the line.

For now, you can look forward to more another interview coming next month, but be sure to keep an eye out for all sorts of other content too!

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Written by Rhys Pattimore
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