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Inclusion – the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure

DA Languages was founded on the core belief of inclusion and equal access to services.

No matter what language a person speaks, we believe they should have access to the same level of care as any other person. Through our nationwide contracts with the NHS and councils, we provide language services to the most vulnerable people in society (in areas such as A&E, mental health and child protection).

What does inclusion really mean?

It’s the belief of ensuring others feel a part of society, and allowing them to contribute. The aim of this blog is to celebrate diversity and inclusion in our company. We also encourage you to think about inclusion in your own personal and professional life.

Diversity in Manchester

Manchester, the home of DA Languages, was recently declared the most linguistically dense and diverse urban area in Western Europe. There are 200 languages spoken in the city at any one time in relation to its size of around half a million.

‘This Is The Place’, poet Tony Walsh’s inspirational ode to Manchester sums up our approach.

“Embracing diversity and the benefits of working together.

That Mancunian way to survive and to thrive and to work and to build, to connect, and create and Greater Manchester’s greatness is keeping it great.

And so this is the place now with kids of our own.

Some are born here, some drawn here, but they all call it home”.

Diversity at DA

  • As of 2019, 81% of our internal team, which is 62 of our 76 full-time staff is female. We have many all-female departments, such as our translation and client accounts teams.
  • We currently have over 25 different nationalities which make up our internal team including Dominican, Spanish, Brazilian, French and Latvian.
  • Our youngest staff member is 17, with our oldest being nearly 60.
  • DA Languages was founded by our female Iranian CEO Actar Arya.
  • 80% of our executive board members are female.

Why is it important to have diversity in a company?

We have a better understanding of what our clients and linguists want

Our founder arrived in the UK and witnessed first-hand the challenges of those who don’t speak English and the need to help the institutions providing care. She started off as an interpreter in the UK. It was this understanding which built the foundation of the company.
This diversity from within the company also allows us to understand our linguists’ and clients’ needs better and provide better support to both. Many of our staff members are, or have been interpreters and translators in the past.

It’s easier to hire and retain talent

We routinely ask new starters why they joined us and many point to the refreshing diversity in our management team. A 2017 study by Women Ahead found diversity in gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion, for example has a direct link to employee retention and engagement.
We believe in organic progression. Many of our department heads began their careers as booking co-ordinators and have been rewarded through their hard work and talent.

Diverse teams perform better

2017 research study published in Harvard Business Review found that cognitively diverse teams solve problems faster than teams of cognitively similar people.

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Written by Andrew, DA Languages Marketing & Content Manager  |   Andrew.Tattersall@dalanguages.co.uk  |   Say  Hi! on Linkedin