Freelance Interpreters Wanted

DA Languages Ltd. is currently seeking Freelance Interpreters to work in areas across the UK.

Are you fluent in another language? Do you have experience interpreting for Limited-English speakers? Then you could be the Freelance Interpreter we’re looking for!

We’re looking for applicants who possess the confidence to use their linguistic skills to accurately interpret from one language into another. You’ll act as a bridge between linguistic worlds and enable effective communication and understanding.

Applicants should be fully fluent in the language(s) they want to interpret in (i.e. native level) and, ideally, have prior experience in a similar role.

Freelance interpreters, our agency, and your role:

DA Languages’ work with Public and Private Sector clients all across the UK. We’re currently recruiting across the nation and are eager to work with individuals who can help us meet the needs of our clients, new and old.

Interpreters will experience a diverse and varied number of interpreting situations. However, you can rest assured you’ll always be informed about the type of assignment, before you attend. We work closely with our clients to ensure that you’ll have all the necessary information; this way, you can be confident in yourself and the job as well.

Assignment types include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Services
  • Child Protection
  • Medical/GP Surgeries
  • Legal matters
  • Immigration meetings

The role is ultimately about assisting clients who work with limited English speakers and ensuring that communication is effective and accurate.

This is a highly rewarding job role that will challenge your temperament, your ability to think fast on your feet, and your linguistic skills.

What we need from you:

Formal qualifications and prior experience are preferred, although you may still apply even if the following qualifications do not apply to you:

  • Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI)
  • Community Interpreting (Levels 1-6)
  • National Registered (NRPSI)
  • Chartered Institute of Linguists Qualifications (CIOL)
  • Certificate in Bilingual Skills (CBS)
  • BA in Translation/Interpreting
  • BA in Languages

If these (or other) qualifications do not apply to you, please still do refer your CV to us for review. In some circumstances (for example, if we feel we need more information), we may call to speak with you; we may also undertake a standard ‘Language Assessment Test’ if we feel it is necessary.

There are a number of benefits to joining our Freelance Interpreting Team, including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Access to free online training and resources
  • Access to the DA Link Portal
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent communication (and support) from our friendly team

Please note, you must meet the following criteria for us to process your application:

  • All applicants must have the right to work in the UK.
  • All applicants must possess an Enhanced DBS Certificate. If you do not currently have a valid DBS Certificate, you can apply through us, or do so online.


If you’re interested in working with us as one of our freelance interpreters, send us your CV. Additionally, you’ll also need to include a summary of your qualifications, experience and the DBS certificate.

DA Languages Ltd. is committed to the elimination of discrimination, be it direct or indirect. Our team actively work to ensure the equality of treatment for all, irrespective of: age, gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, sexuality or religion.

Final Note

At the moment, we are looking to hire interpreters of all languages. With this in mind, if you have any friends or family who you think may be interested in the opportunities we have available, please refer them us. You can also supply us with their name and contact number; we will get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Finally, please don’t think we only deal in interpreting! In addition, we provide many other services for our clients and if you would like to get involved, you can find out more here: Translation and Telephone Interpreting.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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