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The NHS in the North West Excellence in Supply Awards, 2017.

For the third year in a row, DA Languages Ltd. attended this fantastic event.

This year, our Client Account Team – Lauren Tew and Rania Satnaoui – represented our agency at the awards.

Last night’s showcase was as brilliant at ever, with hundreds of attendees representing a wide variety of services both within and out of the NHS.

These Excellence in Supply Awards are a great way to highlight the incredible achievements of so many dedicated services; not least of all the NHS Trusts, Hospitals and Staff themselves!

It’s always an incredible reminder of the fantastic services and the suppliers who make great things happen, every year.


In the Running

This year saw us nominated in three different categories; while we may not have taken home an awards this year, we’re immensely proud of the work we achieve and the way this helps patients, caregivers and users across the NHS.

Our nominations were as follows:

  • Patient Experience: This is awarded for services that enhance the patient’s experience of care. To aid in this, our agency continues to provide numerous resources, guidelines and feedback opportunities to support NHS staff, management, and the interpreters who attend our assignments.
  • Innovation: This award goes to suppliers who best demonstrate how their company has developed or enhanced innovative services. This year we launched a new online Linguist Training Centre and further developed our DA Link Portal; these help improve the efficiency and overall delivery of our services. We’re always adding more to these Portals, so be sure to check back for regular updates and news!

  • Acute Hospital Sector: This category was new this year and awarded for the provision of goods or services to an Acute NHS Trust (i.e. A&E, In/Outpatient, or Specialist care, etc.). We’ve developed excellent working relationships in support of numerous Acute Trusts, including CMFT and Pennine Acute. We’ve worked closely with CMFT over the last few years to establish a fantastic partnership.

We’d like to congratulate all of our fellow Finalists and the Winners of this year’s awards.

It’s an incredible achievement to be a Finalist, and we hope to be back next year!

Official pictures and reports have recently been published, you can find the link here and here.


Excellence in New Beginnings

We spoke in a previous post about building on our past successes and that’s precisely what we plan to do.

There’s all sorts of changes yet to happen and we’ve been carefully tending to our business to ensure we take on these challenges with enthusiasm and achieve our aims!

We’d also like to thank the dedication of our staff, both internally and externally, and the linguists whom we work with daily. Your commitment to our agency has never failed to inspire us and we’ll continue in our efforts to improve as we move forward.

Keep an eye out for more of our updates, follow our Blog and for more updates, see our Facebook and Twitter Pages too.

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Written by Rhys Pattimore.