Does your Advertising Campaign Resonate with International Customers?

When working on an advertising campaign, it’s essential to ask, “Does my Advertising Campaign Resonate with International Customers?” If the answer is no, it’s time to consider the implications.


If you’re running an ad campaign that doesn’t take into account the needs of your international customers, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. According to recent studies, nearly 60% of global internet users say they would not buy from a website that is not in their native language. This number jumps to 80% for those who say they would not purchase from a site that is in English.


 But, regardless of what you intend to share, communicating with your audience on their level and in a way that they can understand is key. 


Why accommodate international conference attendees?

When it comes to conferences, making adaptations and accommodations for international attendees helps remove any language barriers that may prevent effective communication. This is vital because it’s crucial to ensure that your conference has maximum impact and resonates with as many people as possible. 


No matter what you’re talking about or presenting, everyone in attendance must have a reasonable opportunity to understand what is going on and what exactly is being communicated. Failure to do so not only wastes their time and also yours…not to mention valuable resources.




Ways to accommodate international conference attendees

Accommodating international conference attendees may sound like the simplest thing in the world, but in reality, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. The difficulty is that finding compelling and impactful ways to communicate and accommodate international conference attendees can be quite a challenge, but it’s one that’s absolutely essential to get right. 


The impact of not accommodating international conference attendees may have

Failing to connect with your audience, whether it’s at a conference, a campaign launch, or a meeting can seriously jeopardize the success of your event. The lack of care and consideration can also damage a campaign’s efforts, belittle a brand voice and pull into question a brand’s culture and reputation. 


Finding the correct support

Knowing who to turn to in these situations is the first step in the right direction, and it’s also where DA Languages can help. We can eliminate any complications by connecting you with the right people who will help you communicate any core message to your audience, regardless of where they come from.


But more about that later. For now, let’s continue to explore why this service and accommodating International Conference Attendees are so essential. 


It shows you’re a global brand/company

 If your conferences can only accommodate people within the same country, it gives off the impression that you’re not open to or invested in a global market. This is poor for business because it immediately alienates a large portion of your potential customer base.


It makes your attendees feel included

If your conference can effectively cater to international attendees, they will feel more included and valued. This sense of inclusivity will encourage them to participate more actively in the event, which can only be beneficial for you.


It demonstrates cultural awareness and understanding

by making an effort to accommodate international attendees, and you’re showing that you understand and respect different cultures. This is a significant quality for any business to have as it reflects well on your brand.


It can help you attract more attendees

if word gets out that your conference is successfully accommodating for international attendees, this will make people more likely to want to attend as they know they’ll be catered for. This means more ticket sales for you!


It boosts the economy

when conferences make an effort to accommodate international attendees, it provides a much-needed boost to the local economy. This is because attendees will need to book accommodation, eat at restaurants and so on, all of which will generate revenue for businesses in the area.


Now that we’ve gone over some of the reasons why it’s so important to accommodate international conference attendees, let’s take a look at 5 ways you can do this:


Make sure your website is available in multiple languages

This is essential as it will make it much easier for people from different countries to navigate your site and find the information they need. If your website is only available in English, for example, many people from non-English speaking countries will simply not be able to understand it. This will immediately discourage them from attending your event.


Provide translation services

Again, this is vital for making sure that everyone at your conference can understand what’s going on. If you don’t provide translation services, many attendees will simply not be able to follow the proceedings, which will make the whole event less enjoyable and valuable for them.


Consider time differences

When you’re planning your conference, it’s important to take time differences into account. If your event is taking place in a different time zone to most of your attendees, you need to make sure that this is taken into account so that people don’t miss out on important parts of the event. For example, if your conference is taking place in New York but most of your attendees are based in Europe, you need to start the event early enough so that people can still participate.


Offer assistance with travel and visas

This one can be a bit trickier, but it’s definitely worth offering assistance with travel and visas if you can. Many people from other countries will need help in order to obtain the correct visa for your country, and they may also need assistance with booking flights and accommodation. If you can offer this help, it will make it much easier for international attendees to participate in your event.


Have a dedicated team to help with any problems

Finally, it’s always a good idea to have a dedicated team on hand to help with any problems that attendees might have. This team should be able to speak multiple languages and be familiar with the different cultures of your attendees. This way, they will be able to offer the best possible assistance to anyone who needs it.


By following these 5 tips, you can ensure that your conference will be much more accommodating for international attendees. This will make the event more enjoyable and valuable for everyone involved, and it will also reflect well on your brand. So why not start making some forward-thinking changes today?


Why Choose DA Languages

We work with a variety of expertly trained, SEO savvy and mother-tongue translators who have a wealth of experience helping businesses just like yours. When choosing DA Languages, you can be confident in saying what you need to say in a way that speaks to your audience organically and impactfully.


If you need help translating any area of your website and services, please contact us for immediate advice and assistance.

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