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At DA Languages, we understand the importance of internet security.

We work with a wide range of clients from all around the country. These include NHS Trusts, solicitors, Councils, and schools and it is vital that their information is kept safe.

The same applies to the information we keep about our staff, interpreters and translators who work with us.

Overall, our priority is to offer a safe and secure service to everyone that we connect with.

Ultimately, we’ve worked hard to ensure that you can be confident in our defences, both on and offline.


How we handle security

We have been working diligently to build on the secure platforms that we already have in place at DA.

For instance, this includes our powerful 128-bit encrypted client booking portal: DA Link. The security on this Portal matches that offered by on-line banking and combined with our policies surrounding regular maintenance and updates, we’re confident that the system is secure. Furthermore, we ensure that we staying up-to-date with important ISOs that relate to our services.

We remain vigilant; aiming to protect ourselves as best we can.

While we’re confident with our current security, we know it’s about more than simply having a secure encryption, firewalls, and a competent anti-virus. We know you have to be realistic and acknowledge that fact there is always room to improve, especially as threats adapt and change. This is why DA Languages have taken two important steps toward bolstering our security.

These steps include:

  • Joining the Government-backed “Cyber Essentials” scheme:

This scheme provides straight-forward but highly effective guidelines to better protect our services from a multitude of on-line threats.

Our teams have been trained so that they are armed with the knowledge needed to defend against numerous on-line threats. In many ways, our in-house staff are on the front line of keeping both our own, and our client’s data, secure.

  • Secondly, we have the “NHS Information Governance Toolkit”:

This programme covers how we handle data. In particular, it concerns data relating to patients from the NHS. However, it is also useful in other areas, like accounts, finance, or corporate data. Our staff operate with the utmost care to ensure sensitive data is handled securely and safely. This means that data is appropriately stored, destroyed (if necessary), and will never be used for anything but the intended purpose as outlined by our client.

With a few simple steps, we have been able to ensure that our security remains as strong as ever. You can rest assured we will continue in this way for years to come.

Written by Rhys Pattimore
Images produced via Snappa.com.