Cantonese/ 粵語 Translation Services

DA Languages are proficient is Cantonese Translation services. We have a dedicated team of Cantonese Language experts on hand to help.
Cantonese Translation Services

Cantonese is mainly spoken in Hong Kong but is also used in Macau and Guangzhou. Cantonese is spoken by around 300,000 Britons as a first language. DA Languages make sure that our linguists can cater to not only those living here but also those visiting.

Our translation and interpretation services are aimed at making our clients and their customers’ experience as smooth and easy as possible. Language barriers should never prevent someone from accessing a service or product. To break down those barriers, we source native speakers as our linguists. This ensures that our linguists have cultural awareness and are highly skilled in translating and interpreting, capturing sentiment for translation as well as the overall context. We ensure top-quality language services.

When it comes to requesting your Cantonese linguists, it’s never been easier. All our clients gain access to our secure online booking portal – DA Link. This online portal allows you to book and manage your linguist needs. Of course, the more notice provided the better, but we are more than capable of working to urgent deadlines.

Through DA Link you can:

  • Book, amend or cancel linguist bookings online
  • Access reports on your spend on our services
  • See Linguist performance
  • Provide feedback on the service you received

The services we offer which our Cantonese linguists are all skilled and experienced in:

  • Cantonese ad-hoc interpreting
  • Cantonese consecutive interpreting
  • Cantonese simultaneous interpreting
  • Cantonese mental health interpreting
  • Cantonese telephone interpreting
  • Cantonese video interpreting
  • Cantonese document translation & proofreading

If you require more information or have any questions please email: call:  0161 928 2533

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