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“New Year, New You.”

It’s certainly not an uncommon phrase and it’s likely one we’ll be hearing regularly, well into the New Year. After all, we can’t deny that maintaining a New Year’s Resolution is often very difficult. Ultimately, what’s important is to remain positive about the challenges ahead.

As a company, we’re guaranteed to face new challenges and see plenty of changes for ourselves. After all, the year has only just begun and we’ll be working hard as ever to achieve success alongside our fantastic team. We can’t wait to get 2017 underway!

A quick look back

You’ll no doubt agree that 2016 has had its fair share of surprises, highs and lows. While not always straightforward, it’s thanks to our dedicated staff, linguists and management that we’ve achieved some truly great things this year. We’ve joined the CCS and ESPO Frameworks, gained new certifications and awards; we’ve also acquired new business and helped charities along the way too. We’re very proud of our achievements and take stock of them as we assess our plans for the future. As we move forward, we wholly intend to tackle the coming year with even more passion and tenacity than we poured into last year. With that said, our aim is to achieve a whole lot more in 2017.

What the New Year holds

Working with new clients is always an exciting opportunity for us, and right out of the gate we’ll be establishing new partnerships across the country. This includes welcoming Westminster City Council and Wakefield CCG, both of whom will be using a number of our services from January 2nd.

We strongly believe that we deliver a consistently high-quality service and that our clients benefit from our focus and attention to detail.  Of course, as we win new contracts, it also means that we’ll be working with new linguists and (potentially) new in-house staff to assist our teams as well. Thanks to our successes, our team grew significantly in 2016 and we’re sure 2017 will yield similar results.

With that in mind, if you’re reading this and interested in working with us, be sure to get in touch! With clients all around the country, we may have work for you! From face-to-face and telephone interpreting to translation work: our team will be happy to speak to you about our opportunities. You can contact recruitment@dalanguages.co.uk. This year is already shaping up to be very exciting, so why not join us for the journey?

With that said, and the festive season coming to an end, we’ll also be welcoming back a host of familiar faces and clients to the company. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnerships and pushing forward to achieve further success.

Focus and drive

We recognise that our business is built around close relationships and that these need to be taken care of. Our aim has always been to provide quality for our clients through open, honest and accurate communication; furthermore, we want our business to grow in tandem with those who work with us. Feedback is essential to improving and maintaining our services, and we’d love to hear from you.

Our blogs, social media and review-based ventures are just a part of our overall plan to ensure we remain transparent and on the pulse of the Language Services community. We’ll provide updates throughout the year on all outlets (see links below) including: tips and advice, interviews, news and reports; we hope you’re as excited to begin the year as we are.

Happy 2017 everyone!

Written by Rhys Pattimore

Image created via Snappa.io