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Each month, our agency will be issuing our newly established newsletter:

 The DA Languages Monthly Report

This completely free supplement will be provided by email to our linguists; from Face-to-Face and Telephone Interpreters to our Translators, too; everyone who’s recently (in the last two months) completed work with us will have access to it!

So, to kick things off we’re launching the very first of our monthly reports today! If you’re an interpreter working with us, be sure to check your email.

“The DA Languages Monthly Report” will be issued within (or just after) the first week of every month. Linguists can expect to read a number of short articles that cover our most popular online content. The newsletter also gives individuals insight into the month just passed and a look ahead at the months yet to come!

As the agency continues to grow, as it has done significantly in recent years, we’ve been able to celebrate plenty of success due to our quality partnerships with clients and linguists alike. Whilst clients are cared for in different ways by our Client Account Team, the monthly report will be just one of the ways that we plan to keep our linguists up-to-date and well-informed! Our blog, social media accounts (see below), and the DA Link Linguist Portal will provide plenty more for them to absorb and digest too!

We know time is precious for many of those that work with us, so reports are designed to be as brief – but as informative – as possible; however, we’ll also provide links to full articles, websites, and resources that can help you easily assemble the bigger picture.

If you’ve any queries, check out the Contact Us section of the website. We look forward to reaching out to you; thank you! We hope you enjoy our content.


Written by Rhys Pattimore
Images produced via Snappa.com.

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