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Language is everywhere.

It is, after all, how we communicate. Words, letters, numbers, signs and symbols: these all dictate how we impart information from one person to another. It’s a complex function that makes us unique as a species, and yet it comes so naturally to us that we can often take it for granted. We see it all around us every day, but we see it in so very many different ways that it can often be difficult to know just what it is that’s being said.

Thinking, Adapting, and Changing Languages

Perhaps more important is simply making the choice of just what to give your attention to. This is especially true because of the digital age in which we live; languages have never been more varied!

There’s so much choice and it’s all been made readily accessible to us; so much so, that just choosing what to read or listen to, is a mission in itself! The speed at which we communicate also means that languages are changing all of the time; they swap words and blend with one another as cultures come together and people connect the world over.

Such swift change can make it difficult to keep up. For example, over the course of a single year hundreds of new words can enter into common use.

You’ve heard of a selfie, an emoji, or even photobombing?

Well, these are now recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary!  The words we use will only continue adapt and change, especially with influences from: the internet, TV, radio, theatre, books, magazines, video-games, art, music, festivals and more!

Such variety in language is beautiful, deserved of our attention, and it certainly makes the world a more interesting place. However, it also brings to light just how complex things can be.

It’s not so surprising then, that sometimes our understanding can get lost in translation.


Mission Statement

That’s something we here at DA Languages understand. We embrace the eclectic nature of language and work hard to ensure that our services deliver not only quality, but also clarity.

Our dedicated in-house teams cover all manner of services, including Telephone and Face-to-Face Interpreting, as well as Translation and Proofreading. We work closely with our wide variety of highly trained, professional, and passionate interpreters, so that we can deliver our services to people from all sorts of backgrounds and in many types of situations. Our aim is to ensure that people can communicate and understand exactly what they need to know.

We don’t just love languages, we live them. It’s what we know and it’s what we do.


Growth and Getting Involved

Our company has changed; we’ve grown bigger, developed our services, and refined our approach to delivery; all to ensure that we meet the demands set by our clients in this fast-paced and exciting industry.

Our plans to continue growing aren’t stopping any time soon. We’re always on the hunt for talented linguists; whether that’s for Face-to-Face and Telephone Interpreting, to Translators working on translating documents. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch with our teams. We’ll be happy to discuss the options that are available to you.

You can use the Contact Us page on this site, or reach out via recruitment@dalanguages.co.uk.

For general enquiries i.e. if you’re a potential client interested in our services, please do reach out to via: info@dalanguages.co.uk.

We’d love to hear from you!


Written by Rhys Pattimore
(This is an updated/edited article, originally published September 28th 2015)