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It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? It’s not even a week to go before Christmas but the excitement just keeps on building!

As everyone gets further into the festive spirit, it becomes easier to forget the chill in the air; especially as they make more appearances each day: the classic Christmas jumper. While you’ve likely seen them for weeks already, it’s thanks to Save the Children’s efforts that they can make a huge impact on December 16th.

What happened?

Last Friday, people around the country took part in the official Christmas Jumper Day, all for a special cause. Warm, woollen jumpers with designs that are as ridiculous as they are brilliant adorned shops, café’s, offices and more! Every donation; whether through sponsorship, £2 text messages or the change dug up from the sofa, went toward helping children everywhere. At the time of writing, a whopping £530,000+ has been raised by teams around the UK! Furthermore, the donations help in a variety of ways: from paying for education, food, shelter and medicine. Save the Children’s cause ensures that these simple things can make a massive difference to those in need.

Always eager to help with fundraising, DA Languages’ in-office staff got right into the spirit of things! From wearing jumpers with classic Christmas characters; Rudolph’s red nose is definitely a favourite, to decking themselves out like Christmas trees with tinsel, baubles and lights! Everyone made a fantastic effort that didn’t disappoint! You can see some of our festive shots below:

We held an in-house competition to vote for best Christmas jumper and shared delicious food that made for a fantastic time in the lead-up to Christmas. Overall, with our collections and contributions, we hit a grand total of £79.97. We’d like to thank everyone for taking part in the fun and for coming together in an effort to make a difference. You can find out more from Save the Children’s event webpage and we’d like to thank everyone who made it a special day.

With thanks and best wishes

This may be our last post until after Christmas, but rest assured we’ll be working hard as ever to deliver our services. With that said, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the Holidays. We will see you all in the New Year!

Written by Rhys Pattimore

Title image produced with Snappa.io.