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It’s time to get biographical.

We’ve spoken many times about the interpreters and the linguists who work with us, but what about the in-house team? Well, here we’ll be taking a closer look at the role of our Booking Co-ordinators.

Day in, day out,  members of our Booking team – whether focused on Telephone Interpreting, Translation, or Face-to-face Interpreting – work to fulfil thousands of jobs every week.

We’d recently mentioned that a number of brand new clients have begun working with us; as such – with a greater workload to tackle – we’ve grown our team faster than ever before!

With over 40 members of staff now in-house, it’s been a mixture of quick welcomes, efficient training, and slick integration! Thankfully, everyone has worked  brilliantly to stay ahead and keep things moving.

So, if you’ve ever wondered more about the role of a Booking Co-ordinator, the Booking Team as a whole, or maybe you’re interested in joining our ranks, then we invite you to read on:


Understanding the Team

These individuals are our central support staff; they keep the company moving day-to-day:

If you’ve visited our Facebook page or seen our Team blog, you’ll have seen many of these faces before. However, these are just a portion of the people who work with us, all from a variety of different departments.

All-in-all, the Booking Team are an especially dedicated, knowledgeable and generally lovely bunch of people to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of working amongst them for some time now and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that being an effective co-ordinator is about more than the work you do yourself: it’s about the quality of the team working around you.

It may sound cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason: teams work!

We’re quietly confident that we’ve got one of the best around. We understand that it’s inclusion, immersion, and a sense of solidarity that unites the team. So, whether it’s Translation, Telephone Interpreting, or the Face-to-face Teams, each works together to benefit the other.

The impact of this is two-fold:

  • For one, it positively affects our clients, particularly those who access all three of the main services that we provide. Our clients expect quality and we wouldn’t be able to deliver on that promise if our teams couldn’t work together.
  • Secondly, it’s the team’s influence on an individual as they grow and learn in their role. We’re not just talking about learning “to do a good job”; it’s also about learning to work with a diverse range of clients and new people, everyday.

It’s this level of immersion that we’re most proud of and it’s why we believe we’re so effective together.


What makes a Booking Co-ordinator?

It’s ultimately down to each and every one of the individuals you see in the image above. We want to work with the best and brightest – that’s not to say we focus on education alone* – but bright personalities are a must: just look at the smiles on those faces!

*we employ both full-time part-time staff, as well as offering Apprenticeships and Internships for students in education.

For us, it’s all about having the right attitude. A co-ordinator deals with a diverse range of real people on a daily basis and it’s no secret that the work can be intense from time to time. From handling emergency bookings for NHS clients, or searching for qualified linguists who speak rare languages, our team continue to overcome these hurdles and more!

It’s one thing for us to speak about our staff, but what about our Clients? Check out some of their feedback below:

February 2017 – CPFT – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS

“Rania is always courteous and efficient, I can always count on her to help me with anything. Gold star!”

June 2017 – Southampton City Council:

“I spoke to Juliette who helped me to sort out the booking […] she was really helpful; please do pass on my thanks.”

June 2017 – Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust

“Just to say thank you to Vida for helping me out.”

April 2017 – NOTCC Nottingham City Council

“You’re worth your weight in Gold, Thank You Alex!”

February 2017 – Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

 “Adeel you are a superstar! Thanks so much.”

Interested in working with us?

Be sure to check out the adverts we’ve posted direct to our website, or search Indeed.co.uk for “DA Languages” and our Booking Co-ordinator roles.

On the other hand, we’re always on the hunt for talented linguists. We offer a lot of flexibility for freelance interpreters, as well as translation work. Call 0161 928 2533 today, or check out our opportunities by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2jsbZrX!

That’s not all we’ve got in store either:

A new linguist will appear “In the Spotlight” very soon, so keep an eye out!

Written by Rhys Pattimore
Images produced via Snappa.com.